Thoughts Of Her While Falling Asleep


Fall into me, sweetling, darling dark angel. 
Fall into me, and be safe and warm and loved. 
Fall into me forever and be mine.

If you are falling asleep, darling, do so with one hand down there
stroking the memory of forever into your body, your heart, your soul.

I wish I could bottle your breathing, those little sounds you make, 
your sighs of contentment, the way you purr slightly as you stretch. 
I wish I could bottle up your sounds, your rhythms, and spray it like perfume. 
I want to be intoxicated by your essence.

I want to take you to Chicago, go on the El Train, late at night; last car, 
as the train goes 'round and 'round the track.  
I wanna chain you to the overhead handrail and make violent love to you, 
silhouetted in the darkened car, 
passing through the city that stands vigil on our passion. 

Terrible Rabbit Lovin' Metaphorical Poem

Little Rabbit in the Forest,
Hopping bright, hopping bright;
Will she join Celestial Chorus?
Think she might, think she might. 

Darting through the glades and meadows
Scattering thrush, scattering thrust;
Picturesque, a Tintoretto, 
Deepening flush, deepening flush.

Fur as smooth and soft as satin,
Cottontail, cottontail;
Wolf’s gaunt frame, he’d love to fatten, 
Run like hell, run like hell!

No safety in the nearby warren, 
Rabbit hood, rabbit hood;
The games are cruel, deserve abhorrin’,
Thumper good! Thumper good!