Best Horse Movies

Hyperion's Favorite Horse-centered Flicks

#5  SEABISCUIT - True story; my dad used to frequently name our cars "Seabiscuit." Until the movie, I never knew why. (Read Hyperion's Review)

#4  A DAY AT THE RACES - True, not primarily about Horses, but since it's the Marx Bros. we can let that slide. 

#3  THE BLACK STALLION - I can still vividly remember the day I first saw this. We didn't have a VCR, and had to rent that as well as the movie. My brother and I watched it 6 times in a day before my dad had to take it back. 

#2  HIDALGO - Kick-ass horse racing movie (with some Indiana Jones action thrown in!) AND...I used to live 10 miles from the horse. You may not care about that, BUT I DO! (Read Hyperion's Review)

and Hyperion's favorite movie about Horses is......

#1  THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER  - This is the first film I can remember thinking of as "My Favorite Movie," and I felt that way for a long time. Yes, the sweet innocence might seem dated by today's standards, and might even play as a Very Special Episode of "Touched by a Stallion," but growing up I was enraptured. Sniff sniff. 

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(originally posted: April 30, 2010)

(If you think I didn't spend 20 minutes trying to make a 
workable Title of "My Fave Horse-Flickas, you don't know me very well)

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