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The Bunny Game (2008) - Spoonerized Rabbits

Betrayal (2010) - 10 great quotes on Betrayal.

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The Moon Ascending to Her Full Radiance

In honor of tonight's Full Moon and to honor someone who first inspired me to write I wanted to post a few things dealing with the moon. I have a couple of poems, a short story and a column all dealing in some way with the magic of the Moon, of NIght, of Flight. 

I hope you enjoy. 

Sing the Song of Night

 By the Light of the Moon 

 The Night sifts softly in the early Morning sky 

 .....And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon 

Echo of Light 

Goodbye Grandma

Thirty-One Days Of Poetry (MMXIII)

The Violence Of My Desire

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Seventeenth

The Poem for Day 17 is for Mature Audiences, and as such I have housed it over on After Dark Tales. If you dare, please go give it a read! 

The Violence Of My Desire

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