XXXI Days Of Poetry (2016 Edition)

XXXI Days of Poetry
(2016 Edition)

Day the 1st - Prelude

Day the 2nd - Upon a slender stalk

Day the 3rd -  Addicted to the Pain

Day the 4th - Dulcis Persica

Day the 5th - More the Fool, I


Day the 7th -  Felis Silversteinis

Day the 8th - Come, gentle Moonlight

Day the 9th - Flowing through the shadows of the night

Day the 10th - If Roses were...

Day the 11th - I remember every broken heart

Day the 12th - Clinging Hope

Day the 13th - Dream Song, asked and answered

Day the 14th - Pain and Misery

Day the 15th - Left, is only the surrender

Day the 16th - Three Limericks about Boobies!

Day the 17th - Jealousy's Realm

Day the 18th - Bread of Life

Day the 19th - "What I Might Have Done"

Day the 20th - The Fox

Day the 21st - Sonnet 1

Day the 22nd - Sixteen Thoughts that came After

Day the 23rd - Scent Memory

Day the 24th - Testament

Day the 25th - Frozen Dessert Bungalow

Day the 26th - Past the Primrose Path


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Past the Primrose Path

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Twenty-sixth


Past the Primrose Path 

Down the primrose path, and then
Go through the field, around the bend
Keep on for another mile
Until you see where rocks are piled
Up, in shape all pyramidal
A monument, a stranger's riddle
Stunning edifice of wonder
Untouched by the blight or plunder
Take some time to search the structure
Not a blemish, growth or rupture
Pristine, every stone and pebble
Music, synced from Bass to Treble
Nowhere be there signs of aging
Artifice, or hints of staging
Wonder, ye, what happened here
To whom and when, both day and year

Frozen Dessert Bungalow

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Twenty-fifth


Frozen Dessert Bungalow 

As many of you know, for several years I have been trying to acquire the color Purple. (No, not the book or the movie or the King's Island amusement park ride, the actual color.) As you can imagine, the hoops one must jump through just to be in the running for such a thing are seemingly endless.

(There are very few Colors in the world, and the owners of said Colors take a very keen interest in who can join their little club, not to mention that when it comes to Purple, the powerful old-world families that control Red and Blue are even more interested than normal.)

ANYweasel, the following (true!) tale comes from my early days of Purple pursuit, when I was just trying to get my foot in the door. Before I could get an audience with the owner(s?) of Purple, I had to gain the approval of the Gatekeepers. And the closest way to a Gatekeeper was through another exclusive club. When I got there the sign on the door read:

"Henson's Peacekeeping & Frozen Dessert Bungalow"