The Hardest Part

Given the way, the days go by 
he asks her why her heart's so cold
Taking his hand, she understands, 
why so few lovers ever grow old

Down the trail they walk in veiled 
conversation, hiding pain
Never before had so much more 
than coursing love between them lain

Promises made and hearts displayed 
in quiet whispered lovers' songs
Held up to the burning Fire
the words speak liar, the notes sound wrong

Holding on, the vanishing dawn, 
the fading light of lovers' glow
The hardest part of broken hearts
is learning how to just let go

Travel Down


Travel down that Road with me, travel down that Road
Not to a Place, or a Time, or a Memory...
But a Feeling.  
You know the one I mean.
The feeling that does not have any words to describe it.
I would best call it.... I don't know.... searching.

Contentment, stretching its muscles languorously, 
Pushing against Boundaries, not as if to destroy the 
Walls of a Prison, but as if one reaching out to the 
Rough-hewn rock for the first time, feeling the deliciously 
Cool texture against finger-tips and cheek.
Like stretching muscles you didn't know you have.
A slight tug of resistance -- maybe even a little pain -- 
But nothing you cannot handle, or even welcome. 

Fixing the Calendar won't work - neither of us trusts 
That drunken guardian Time to keep vigil on the Truth. 
To a Place?  As if the mind could be so contained. 
To Memory?  She's a whore: she goes where the money is. 
(Don't mention Logic. The smartest never have a clue.)

All we have left, then, is admittedly the worst standard of 
Measurement available; we can never explain it to others. 
Something we can rarely understand in ourselves.
An inner THRUM of Thought and Bone fused together.
Can you feel it?  Is your soul stretching with a slow smile?
Travel down that Road with me.  Travel down that Road. 

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Bitter, the Taste

Bitter the Taste of Memory, of Me

Ashes of Pain and Sadness burn my eyes 
As they escape the dying fire. 

They coat my tongue.
Bitter; the taste of memory, of me. 

Waiting at the fire's edge; 
The Darkness slowly closing in like a vise. 

This is the Vigil of my Destruction, 
And the Watch is not yet done.

Words That Don't Rhyme


#20 Plankton - This has to be one of the most underused words of our day. How there isn't a software company or a line of eco-toys with the Plankton brand is beyond me.

#19 Chimney - How come Chimney never became a sexual metaphor? (And to what would it refer?) 

#18 Angry - Angry is also one of only three words that end in "gry." (The other two words are in this parenthetical.)

2016 NCAA Tournament Team Names - RANKED!

As you may know, The NCAA has been playing their Tournament the past 3 weeks (aka "March Madness," aka "that Bracket you filled out that went bust on Day 1"), taking 68 hungry teams until only 1 is left, the champion.

But much, Much, MUCH more importantly, I have taken it upon myself to rank all 68 teams by their team name, or Mascot. To be clear, when I say Mascot, I don't mean the furry wretch that jumps around the cheerleaders and tries to paw at them. I mean the Platonic embodiment of the team name itself.

In other words, I want to know what would happen if a shark were to battle a Samurai, if Hornets went toe to toe with Lynx, and so on. I have ranked the team names on the following criteria:

Awesomeness - obvi
Badassery - similar to but not the as Awesomeness
Speed/Strength/Durability - the "measurables"
Meanness - This helps win battles
Indigenous Atrocities - some of these names are not cool! (Also, fair warning; I am blissfully inconsistent about which historical atrocities bug me and which do not. Deal with it.

Please leave any comments you have below, and let's get to it!