Contest Contest Contest!

We are going to be running some pretty sweet contests here at The Hyperion Institute. Prizes will range from a stick of dynamite to earning the chance to fly the Goodyear Blimp. Get all your friends to enter too!

Contest #3 - NCAA Tournament Pool
I do one of these every year, and this year I thought I'd bring the Website into it. For official Rules, Prizes and how to enter, click on my NCAA link here.

Contest #2 - Guess when we get to 30,000 hits
The Purpose of this contest is to guess when the Hyperion Institute (including all the subsidiary sites) gets to 30,000 hits. To read the rules and find out the way-cool prize (and to guess), go on over. [Update: The contest is now closed to new entries. The winner will be posted when we get to 30,000 hits]

CONTEST #1 - Predict the Oscars

We're giving you the chance to guess the Oscar winners! (You can find the nominees here. Just copy and paste, and highlight your pick or eliminate the others.) Send an email to Hyperion: ( with your picks by Thursday at Midnight (Friday all the Monkey Barn Contributors put their picks up, so it will be too late after that). The person who gets the most right wins his choice of either a character named after him in a story or a Top Ten List about whatever he wants. (You'll notice I'm using the male pronoun. That's because no woman has a chance of winning.) Good Luck! [Update: Even though I had an off-year, no one came close to me. I guess I shouldn't have run a contest that required people to beat me, which is pretty hard to do. Next time....]

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