NCAA Tournament Pool

Hyperion’s Kickassian Hellacool-no-room-for-fools Pool

Even if you know nothing about the NCAA tournament, you can still have fun entering my Pool

Here are the Rules:

You must have your entries to me (emailed: hyperioninstituteATgmailDOTcom) by Thursday,
12:00 noon (est). You will know you are entered when you get a confirmation email from me. You will be allowed to make repicks the following two weeks (more on that below).


First place – A column written about whatever you so desire, and a character named after you in Hyperion’s next Year-long story

Second Place – A top Ten List on whatever you choose

Third Place – A Monkey Barn Post by Tobias

Last Place – Mockery

How to Enter:

Go here: (By the way, if you're curious how last year turned out, here is the 2006 bracket) to see the brackets. The simplest way is to print out the bracket as a pdf or a gif, fill out your choices, scan it and email it to me. Or you can fill it out manually. If all else fails, save the file as a .bmp, and fill it out in Paintboard and email it to me.


The way the tournament is set up is that the 64 teams are put into four brackets, seeded 1-16. #1 plays #16, #2 plays #15 and so on. The lower the seeds the better the teams. The #1 seeds are the best, although: never have all four #1 seeds made the Final Four. There are plenty of upsets each year, and in my Pool, we reward picking upsets (more on that below)

The brackets work themself out until there is one team from each bracket that makes the final four. The tournament happens over three weekends, with games this Thursday through Sunday (going from 64 down to 16), next Thursday through Sunday (going from 16 down to 4), and the following weekend for the Final Four.

Note: You’ll see a play-in game on one of the brackets. Don’t worry about that one. It’s assumed you’re not picking a #16 seed to upset a #1, because no #16 seed has ever beaten a #1. But if you are, you can wait until the play-in game and then pick the winner (the play in game happens Tuesday, and your picks do no have to be to me until Thursday at Noon, est.)

Scoring and hints:

I do not run a traditional pool, with one point for each game. I love upsets. Also, I love giving bonus points. Most of all, I hate it when you have a bad first two rounds, and then you’re out of the pool. In mine, you can RE-PICK every two rounds. You will still get to keep your old picks, and add them to it. Let me explain.

Every 1st round game is worth 2 points. Those are the games where you see the two schools next to each other. A line comes out between them. You write your winner on that line. There are 32 first round games, so 64 possible points.

Every second round game (the next little bracket) is worth 4 points. There are 16 second round games, so there are 64 points.

Every third round game is worth 8 points. There are 8 games, so it is worth 64 total points.

Every fourth round game is worth 16 points. There are 4 fourth round games, so that part is worth 64 total points.

The semi finals are worth 32 points apiece, 64 total, and the final game is worth 64 points.

IMPORTANT: after each two rounds, you will get to re-pick with who is left. I will send out the teams left, and you can send me back your picks. Your original picks will carry over, and you will score points from them too. If your teams are still in, you can pick the same ones. If you haven’t done that well, you can pick from who’s left and still catch up.

You also get to re-pick after the 4th round, for the semifinals and finals. That is worth 128 extra points, so it’s a big deal. Your picks from the beginning and the re-picks will carry over as well as your new picks, and added to your total score. Got that? If not, please email me.


I also give out many bonus points. Each bracket is seeded 1-16. #1 plays #16, #2 plays #15, and so forth. The teems are seeded according to how good they are, so that #1 is the best team in each bracket (supposedly) and #16 is the worst. Normally double digit seeds (10 or higher) don’t do all that well.

So: if you pick a 12 seed, a 13 seed, or a 14 seed to win its first round game, and it does, you get 7 bonus points.

If you pick a 15 seed and it wins, you get 12 bonus points. If you pick a 16 seed that wins its first round game, you get 25 bonus points.

If you pick a 10, 11, or 12 seed to get to the Sweet 16 (that means winning its first two games), you get 20 bonus points if they accomplish that.

Picking a 13, 14, or 15 seed to win the first two rounds scores you 35 bonus points.

And if you correctly pick a 16 seed to win the first two rounds, you get 85 bonus points.

There are four sub-brackets (top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right). If you get the first two rounds totally correct, with every pick in a sub bracket (getting all 8 first round games and all 4 second round games), you get 25 bonus points. If you get the entire sub-bracket right (all the way to the Final Four), you get 100 bonus points.

If you get all four Final Four teams right, you get 50 bonus points. All bonus p0ints refer to your original picks.

Is this a cool pool or what?

Strategy: if you know nothing of this, you should know that while there are always some upsets, the teams are seeded that way for a reason. The best teams usually do well. There are usually at least two #1 seeds that make it all the way to the Final Four. However, there have never been all four teams make it, and a team seeded as high as 11th has made the Final Four. However, it is rare. That is why I give such high bonus points for picking upsets.

You’re still in it

Also important: just because you initially do badly, doesn’t mean you can’t come back. With all the bonus points and re-picking, there is plenty of chances to come back.


Pick a team name. There will be a door prize given to the best team name, so be creative! And no, you cannot pick 30 Romanian Whores, as too many people requested that. 2007 UPDATE: YOU CANNOT PICK THE LOLLYPOPS EITHER


Next Monday and the Monday after, I will print the scores (so far) on the website, as well as email you a reminder I need the new picks. This should be a lot of fun, so let’s get on board!

That site again is : If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, Google The NCAA tournament. You can also find help for strategy if you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

Good Luck!

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