Official Guess when we get to 30,000 contest

As of 1 am March 6, the Hyperin Institute (all the sites combined) were at 25863 hits. This last week we smashed records with 1634 hits, but a large part of that was increased traffic due to the Carnival of the Mundane. Before that, working backwards, our weekly totals were 824, 772, 634 and 757.

By those numbers we're on the rise (although don't expect what we did last week). The Contest is to guess what day the Institute will get to 30,000 hits.

The way you guess is to leave a Comment on this post. If you're posting Anonymously, indicate who you are or email me or something. The winner will get a coveted place on the Judging panel that picks the new Hyperion Institute Logo, plus a Top Ten list of whatever she or he desires. You can guess up until we actually hit 30,000, but you can only guess once.


lost goddess said...

March 31,2006

Claire said...

All right, I'll play.

April 2, 2006

However, have you considered that the closer you get to hitting 30,000; the easier it will be to guess the date?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

As a Virgo, I am ashamed to admit that my calculations are only accurate to +/- 1.0000000 days. The week of 634 hits throws off the average, hence the unusually low accuracy.
This pirate doctor's prediction is 12 April 2006.

Skittles said...

21 April 2006 - pirate doctors can switch their #s & it's my day - so I think I'm covered