Reader Comments

I thought I would take some time to answer or reflect on the comments made on the site in the last week. If this works out, I'll do it every week.

Several Readers wrote to ask if they could be a part of my Family's Year-Long Movie Project. Of course! DUETS was the first one (and I'll announce the second as in the next couple of days, as soon as my other sister picks one.)

On my review of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Bethany wrote: ...What I do find interesting is the entire premise of Phanty, and how in each production of the Phantom how the way he becomes scarred and twisted, and why.... I still kind of like the old original Phantom the best for the sheer scariness of it, but I must say this one has the others beat all to pieces for the brillance of the singing and musical production. That part of it took my breath away, even watching it at home on DVD.

while Faithful Joy had this to say: I thought that Christine and Raoul voices were flawless, and blended beautifully. I was, however, disappointed by the Phantom's voice. After seeing it on Broadway and listening to Michael Crawford on CD growing up, it just...well...not good enough. There was an edge to his voice that just let all the wind out of my sail.

Reader Mysteria had a top ten list on her favorite pictures from two weeks ago.

Sea Hag said, "YES I got a picture in the Top 10!" (the held-up cat, and Sea Hag wanted me to point out she took all of her posted pix.)

While Ajax said "My fav is Rainmonkey. I paraphrase Mysteria: It makes me ponder about being a primate."

On my tribute to T-Rex, Dragon wrote: I love that dinosaur!

On Dominique's Words of the day Ossify and Umbrage, The following exchange took place:

Koz: ossify - thats what my wife does to me when our son goes to bed early.

Hyperion: I take umbrage at that remark. Actually I don't. It's just that Koz's wife used to ossify me too. Sniff sniff.

Dragon: I feel left out. I wish someone would ossify me. Sniff sniff.

On our dicussion of Celemourn vs. Mournabrate, the following exchange:

Dragon: I choose Celemourn because it's more positive than Mournabrate. Well, moping won't help anything!

Koz: How about Celebrex?

Faithful Joy: I agree with Celemourn, with a little Celebrex on the side....

Sea Hag: I choose Mournabrate, because it sounds like masturbate, and that's something we all can support.

I can't top that. Until next week......make some good comments, eh?


Bethany said...

I really think Dragon totally misunderstood the meaning of Koz's wife ossifying him after the baby goes to sleep, because I really don't think he would want anyone to do that to him! Nice idea to publish these, Hype!

Faithful Joy said...

This is a fun idea!