B for Big Brother

Thought of the Day: Is there any harder substance on the planet than cereal after it has become soggy with milk and then left in the bowl to calcify and set up camp?

Yesterday’s post went up late, so if you missed it make sure you read before tackling today. Otherwise you’ll be lost, and I ain’t going out to look for you.

Continuing our look at terrorism, We have two different mediums tackling the same issue, sort of. That issue would be government control, and what we are supposed to do about it.

First up, Hyperion voluptuously vacillates his vexing vicious vox over V FOR VENDETTA.

Vastly superior. Hyperion’s second book review ever deals with the electronic monster known at the Vast Machine in #381 The Traveler.

Last week I held a contest for the NCAA tournament. With the games starting back up today, I thought I’d share the top ten teams. The tournament goes two more weekends, so there will be more updates. (And feel free to leave nasty comments about their dumb team names. They deserve it.)

Death to the Muppet Babies - 162

Bethany’s Buckeye Pimps - 154

What Would Dale Murphy Do? - 95

Jake the Snake’s Shake and Bake - 91

Sea Haggis - 90

Wrong Side of the Tracks - 90

Whistling Belly Button Trick - 83

Beast Daddy and the Funktown Five - 82

The Gumpyliscious One - 74

The Lollypops - 74

One Angry Dwarf and 200 Big East Fans - 66

Tobias and Lady Jane Scarlett For-eva! - 39

News and Notes

- In case you missed it yesterday, we have our first Evil Kitty of the Realm. If you think you have what it takes to be an Evil one, holla.

- I continue to have nothing but trouble with my email notification service. I took Bloglet down because it doesn’t seem to work, and Notify List leaves a lot to be desired. If anyone knows of a reliable service, I will be grateful to the point of letting you borrow one of my minions for the day; no questions asked.






Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I like Tobias, he's my favorite river midget, but I'm rooting for "Lord Mullet Archibald and Lady Jane Scarlett For-eva!"

If I ever get promoted to ranks of Evil Kitty, can I call dibs on "Manx" as my code word?

And, what ever happened to the contests?

Hyperion said...

Who are your not-so-favorite River Midgets?

I suppose you can have Manx. Is that a mangy cat?

As for the contests, no one was entering them, so I took them down. However, if you perused the sites right now, and knew how to add (or at least had access to a hot Romanian doctor who did), you'd see we're about to have a contest winner, as we should go over 30,000 today or tomorrow.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Manx cats rock!

Howie Katt is a Manx

Tracy Lynn said...

Manx cats are totally cool! YAY for Mutations!

Fatma said...

What are manx cats? I read the post efore and am totally lost. What are you talking about! Me french speaker not following you at all!!!! My fault!