I came to the hotel tonight and finished the Movie Marathon Weekend. 3600 words, but it was done. Alas, as so often happens, especially when you're not dealing with your computer, something glitched, and I lost it. I would throw up, but I already did that once tonight for an unrelated matter, and I've nothing left. I don't have the time, or right now the inclination, to rewrite it, and actually I'm feeling kind of claustrophobic about the whole thing. I guess it's as good a time as any to run my claustrophobia column from a few years ago.

First, a Soap Box post about Papa John's that sort of fits the Claustrophobia bill. If I get reengergized this weekend I'll try to finish up on Monday. Or not.

[Sometimes I feel claustrophobic, not for any physical reason (like working in a mine), but just emotionally. This column came from a desire to try to translate the thoughts into my head to print. I think I came somewhat close. The way it works is you click on the picture, and then there's an option to make the picture even bigger. That way you can read it and judge for yourself.]

The Hyperion Chronicles
“I got a bad feeling about this”



April 12, 2004

Thanks to Koz

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