The hits just keep on coming. These last two weeks I feel like there's been nothing but continual hammerstrokes, definitely screwing up all my best-laid plans. (Once this latest family crisis is over I'll tell you about it, if I can get permission.) I sincerely hope that the next two days will more than make up for it, but the way things are going, I don't even want to describe them to you, just in case.

I had planned on running this Friday, but with the hammerstrokes and all, today's material didn't get done, forcing me to shift, which is okay. This week is my dad's birthday (the 17th), and I've been re-running things I've written about him in the past. Five years ago I wrote this thank you note, and I still like it. Go read it: you will too.

News and Notes
- For those of you who've had trouble with Notify List (and it has been many), I've added a Bloglet sign up. I have no idea how well it works, but others seem to be satisfied, so feel free to sign up there to be notified. This site also has RSS. A button will be put up later for that, and if anyone has suggestions on any other reputable notification service, I'm all ears.

- You have until Noon tomorrow to enter our NCAA pool. Great prizes and it's always so much fun. You know you want to. Even if your knowledge of NCAA basketball is zero, enter anyway, eh?

- I've been convinced to make a change with how I handle comments. Starting today (and maybe for the last few days, if I can catch up), I will respond to all comments I get with comments of my own. So, if you leave a comment, check back to see what I said about it. Of course, for the time being, Monkey Barn comments will be taken care of by Tobias.

- Starting Monday I will be featuring websites that I recommend. If you have a site that I should be talking about, write and let me know. If I agree I'll be happy to highlight it.

Fingers crossed; see you tomorrow with the first of "Blow away the Hyperion Nation" Days.


lost goddess said...

Sorry to hear not everything is going well. Give it time and keep it coming! Fingers crossed all goes well.

Fatma said...

I am thankful to you for sharing your thank you note to your father. I am thankful to you for making me realise that one should thank and tell your dear ones how much you love them before its too late to do so.
Thank you.