Happy Birthday, Koz

Today is Koz's birthday (a Monkey Barn contributor and member of the Hyperion Institute Council). However, I think he's still out from work because of his surgery, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to post the column I wrote for him. That will wait until next week, when he's back on his feet.

But I wanted to do something. So, I went through the Chronicles last night, and picked out my some of my favorite columns that Koz features prominently in. If you haven't read them, take a look. If you have, read them again. You'll be glad you did:

#38 Take me out to the Ball Game (Koz and I take in an Atlanta Braves baseball game)

#66 The Great Sitcom Debate (Koz and I rank every sitcom we can think of)

#69 Makes me Wanna Holla (Koz and I go shopping)

#116 Weddings II: The Search for the 13th Letter (Koz and I go to Hawaii)

Happy Birthday, Koz! If I was gay, I’d be doing you!

I have two Oscar Movies Left to review, but I thought I'd take a break from movie reviews until next week. Check out our Illustirious Award-Winning Oscar Page for all the reviews and info. I will would love you to enter our Contest to guess the Oscar winners, and possibly win a cool prize. I'm still considering doing a running Oscar Diary, but only if you tell me to.

I thought I'd go ahead and start my Top Ten Movies of the Year list. It was quite a struggle, so much so that ended up with 25 instead of 10. Tomorrow will be the top ten, plus my 2005 Year in Review for Movies column, and of course everyone on Monkey Barn will have their picks up too, so you can see if you can beat them. Should be quite a party.

For Today, Head on over to marvel at #25-#11 of the Best Movies of the Year.


horrendous Oscar Snubs

Hyperion has decreed that MUNICH is the best of the Five
Hyperion wants to Saddle Up with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
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Anonymous said...

WOW, I can't believe I ranked high enogh to get a homepage story. This is sweet. I look forward to the column.