Health News and cartoons

Thanks to those who wrote or called to ask about the Family Situation. Since it's not me I can't go into details, but as of yesterday no one is in the hospital anymore, so that's a good sign.

Some also asked what's wrong with me, and I guess I give myself permission to talk: my back is severely messed up again, to the point where standing longer than 30 seconds is virtually impossible. Obviously this makes walking unfeasible, and for that matter sitting too long is brutal as well. I know lots of people have pain and I'm not looking for sympathy or anything, but that's why my plans for the site haven't materialized over the last two weeks or so. Thanks for bearing with me.

Since I feel bad about today's big show-stopper not being available, I do have a little something for you, but I'll get to that in a minute. I mentioned yesterday, but we added Bloglet over on the right if you'd like to sign up to get updates. (I know some of you have had problems with Notify List.) Also, if you're going to enter our NCAA pool, you better get your picks (and a team name) into me pretty quickly.

Tomorrow will be our second participation in the Carnival of the Mundane. I'll have more about it, but I want my regulars (that means you, Koz, Dominique) to venture over and read some of it, if only to see how much better we are here. (Just kidding; there's some great stuff.)

Also, at the very LEAST, Monkey Barn and Rank Everything will have special events. Speaking of Top Tens, as a little "I'm sorry" for not having the story ready to go, I have a sneak peak of tomorrow, with the Top Cartoon Instrumental Theme songs. Make sure your speakers ar turned up, and have fun strolling down memory lane.

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Fatma said...

Oh Lala! Bon courage with the back!!! Take care!