International Days begin

Today I am participating in my third Carnival of the Mundane. Welcome to non-readers; have a look around if you’d like, and let us know if you have any questions about the merchandise. (YOU BREAK IT YOU BOUGHT IT!!!)

To my regulars, my entry this go around was about the time I stole a car. Without a license. Pretty crazy, huh? Go take a look at how Hyperion could get himself into such a mess in License to Drive.

Today I’m also proud to reveal a brand new project for the month of April. If you look over on the left you’ll see a link for International__________Day.


(go ahead. Click on the picture. I just learned how to do this!)

The idea behind it involves those calendars where every day is some sort of holiday; Pancake Day, Hog Appreciation, whatever. I’m sure all those days are well and good, but they aren’t the kind of days I know the Hyperion Nation would like to celebrate. So, I got together with some fellow writers, (ChickyBabe, Egan, Tracy, Fitèna and Sara) and we came up with International________Day.)

Each day in April will be a brand new holiday, something we came up with that you can enjoy, participate in, and (hopefully) disrupt work, home and church in meaningful ways. And after all, isn’t that what holidays are all about?

I realize April doesn’t start until tomorrow, but my readers are nothing if not lazy, so I wanted to get started early. Saturday and Sunday are both already up; fun things that you can do to annoy people! Go on over and take a look, and then visit the sites of the other contributors. Each day in April will bring a new holiday, so check back every morning!

(This is sort of wagging my own horn, but April 1 is my day, and I think you’ll like it, so pretty please go on over, and then leave a comment so it looks like I have some friends, okay? While you're at it, April 2 is ChickyBabe's, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out just how randy Australian women are.)

Thanks everyone for showing up! All the subsidiary sites have new material, so plow right in.

I’ll be here all weekend. (Try the veal)

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