NCAA week begins

I know I enticed you with a lot of things last week, but I have been quite hurt and unable to get done what I needed. I promise to get it all on here as soon as I can, but you must bear with me. (Believe me: I'm more upset than you.)

Since the new stuff isn't quite ready, I thought you'd like to take a look at one of my personal favorites from last year: Memory of a Day. This week is one of the best each year, with both my dad's birthday and the NCAA tournament starting, and I wrote some memories down.

Speaking of the Tournament, that's our next Big Contest: my annual NCAA Pool! See the link for rules, prizes and how to enter. Deadline is Thursday Noon. Even if you're from Canada, Australia or Africa, and know nothing about Basketball, you're going to want to enter. I make it loads of fun. If nothing else, you get to pick a cool team name, and have others see it. How awesome is that?

I know I've been doing a lot of contests lately. I thought I'd let you pick the next one. Over on the right is my Poll, with several Contest options. (If you came here on a link, just click on the top logo or on the left, the Hyperion Institute, to take you to the home page.)

Tomorrow: much more stuff, including original material. Make sure you come back!

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