Sitcom Questions

Happy Thursday to the Hyperion Nation. Today is the calm before the Storm, as tomorrow this joint is going to rock. Not only will we be participating in our third Carnival of the Mundane (and I expect you to attend), but we unveil a way to make every day in April a special one.

All month my NCAA Pool has been running. Here is an updated score sheet heading into the final weekend:

Death to the Muppet Babies - 562

What Would Dale Murphy Do? – 227

Bethany’s Buckeye Pimps - 202

Beast Daddy and the Funktown Five – 170

The Stabbers - 170

Wrong Side of the Tracks - 162

The Lollypops - 146

The Gumpyliscious One - 146

Jake the Snake’s Shake and Bake – 123

Whistling Belly Button Trick - 115

One Angry Dwarf and 200 Big East Fans - 114

Tobias and Lady Jane Scarlett For-eva! – 75

Today I have a real treat for you. Because I love you (and I anticipate major donations for this), I have a foolproof way to waste the entire morning at work. I bring you Useless Sitcom Questions that People will Care Way too Much About and Argue Endlessly Over.

Enjoy. See you tomorrow.

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