War and ChickyBabes

Yesterday marked the beginning of Storyteller week. I got all my work done and then fell asleep. I was so pissed at myself when I woke up that it was all I could do to post on the front page and then send out the notifications. I promise to do better.

Continuing Storyteller week, I thought we’d take a look at storytelling through music. (Okay; two out of my three choices today aren’t really telling stories, but don’t hate; I’m working on a theme here.)

This is my second foray into Music Lyric Analysis, and I’m enjoying it. I think I will make it a regular feature here at the Institute, except I don’t have that many songs I want to delve into. So please feel free to email me some idea if you like the concept. Heck, I might even let you write a guest column if your thought processes are astute enough. (My first attempt in January, one I’m quite proud of, analyzing Britney and the Back Street Boys, can be found here.)

For some reason I got it in my head to analyze Anti-War Songs. I had to go back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, as seemingly no quality stuff is being made today. Anyway, take a look at the end result: #383 War (songs), What are they good for?

We have another Evil Kitty of the Realm to tell you about today. Her name of all things is ChickyBabe. (Although, I suppose someone named Hyperion can’t really tease.)

I first found out about ChickyBabe in my initial foray with the Carnival of the Mundane, and I have been a steady reader since. I have to be honest: what first drew me to her site was her picture. I even wrote and asked if it was she. It was, a result I learned through one of the great email exchanges of all time. (Maybe I’ll get her permission and share it one day.)

I mistakenly suggested to ChickyBabe that her work was like art-house erotica, and she slapped me like a red-headed step-child. (Or a pimp; whichever you prefer.) Erotica was not what she was about, ChickyBabe told me. Rather, she liked to focus on the sensual aspects of life, from things as mundane as the feel of the sun on your skin, to the tactile experience of a slap. (Today’s juicy entry.)

Hey, whatever you want to call it, ChickyBabe’s site is a winner. She is an Evil Kitty of the Realm, a S.K.I.T.T.L.E. I am calling code name Birman. Go check her out at Chicken or the Egg.

(Trying to manipulate the Birman cat pic into a silhouette like she has, I came up with this. It doesn’t work, but is funny enough that I wanted to share.

Tip Ins

* As I still am having trouble with Notify List, I have decided to (for the time being), send out a notification via email from my home whenever I publish. If Notify List isn’t working for you and you want to be on this, drop me a line.

* Updated Scores in the NCAA pool will be up tomorrow

* The new motto is courtesty of Hans Moleman in the episode where Homer bowls a 300 game.

* Friday is going to kick more ass than a donkey soccer game. Make sure you invite friends. Tomorrow will rock too, as Storyteller week continues, plus a sitcom-related ranking. See you then.

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ChickyBabe said...

I do like the silhouette of the cat. She does have a familiar wicked grin!