Why I hate Julia Roberts

I’ve been trying to decide how to lay this home page out. I’ve tried links to previous days, I’ve tried leaving each day on during the week, and I’m even considering putting the day’s material on here, no matter where it’s supposed to go. I’m open to any suggestions.

Over the weekend I finally got out of the house. I went with my dad to see the new Heist film INSIDE MAN. I just have one word to say: Totally Awesome.

And continuing our look at the best movies of the ‘90s, we’re up to Year #5.

My thought of the Day is how much I hate the film MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING. There are only two funny scenes in the film (the opening credits and the “I say a Little Prayer for you” scene), although those two are funny. I remember seeing the film with my friend Cephas, who literally fell on the floor of the movie theatre laughing.

Actually, there are more funny scenes than that; I’m just pissed at it. My problem is not how badly they screw up the food-critic job at the beginning. I happen to correspond with America’s best food critic Jonathan Kessler on an occasional basis, and from reading him I know that he tries to stay incognito if possible (to hopefully get the same service and food the regular patrons will get), and he visits the restaurant several time before writing up a review.

But who cares that a movie gets the details wrong? It’s not the first. What infuriates me about the film is how almost every woman I talk to justifies what Julia Roberts does. The character is reprehensible; should be drug out into the street and shot, and women are defending her, saying all’s fair.

If Julia had loved harelip boy (as I refer to Mulroney), it’d be one thing, but she hasn’t even talked to him in months when the movie starts. In no way does she want him, until he’s getting married to someone else! Ladies, you don’t look very good here.

In fact, the reason the opening credits are so funny is that it’s this throwback song (“Wishing and Hoping”) to when women were supposed to do everything to please men. Then you watch the movie and you realize when it comes right down to it, nothing has changed!

And people wonder why I sneer at Julia Roberts. Between this and PRETTY WOMAN, that horse is a menace!

Enough of that. I swear on all that is holy that STORYTELLER WEEK starts tomorrow. Today’s links should keep you busy.



Tracy Lynn said...

Site looks GREAT! Julia is a hag, I have only ever liked one of her movies.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Hype,

it always astounds me how people (as a group) can read/see/hear something and completely miss the point (you remember the whole is anonymous a man or a woman fiasco?)However, it is seldom you who are guilty of this.

I realize you have been excruciatingly under the weather for quite some time and perhaps that explains this lapse in observation; but didn't you just get through reminding us ( over on literary hype)that you yourself have written a movie script? You are familiar with having to explain things to an audience (who is going to miss the obvious)sometimes very quickly and sometimes with only a visual image to convey your message. The fact that they made it obvioius that JR was a food critic is minor compared with all the attrocities committed later in the movie. At least when I saw this movie with the about to be married former love of my life I at least let his fiance sit beside him.