Today is April 27, also known as International Delurk Day.

International Day is winding down, but I wanted to take a minute to honor the days my mother came up with. She got really into it, so much so that I gave her a top ten list of International Days She would have chosen.


Today brings Part VIII in our Monkey Barn Campfire story. We find out just who was the leggy brunette, what happened at that party to make things go so wrong, and readers everywhere will be asking, "Who's Anne?"

Go see what Dragon has in store for you.

(Or read from the beginning over on Literary Hype.)


Yesterday's column highlighted the generous and wonderful nature that is Koz, and also helped explain why I put up with someone who just yesterday accused me of being a "Butt Pirate."

I was supposed to do a top three list of Koz expressions, but computer problems delayed them. Instead of sticking them on Rank Everything, I give them their own spot here on the home page. The following are three of the many things Koz and I say to each other:

Bayst – We had this phase where we called everyone a “Beast.” I’d even answer the phone that way. Over time the word morphed somewhat. Imagine it being spoken, and you’ll get “Bayst!” (We always held on to the middle of the word, too, so it actually sounded like, "Bayyyyyyst!") Now that I’m writing it, I think I’ll restart it.

Gatty 5 – All right Bear with me on this one. First, you know how the kids used to say, I’m Audi 5000, meaning “I’m out of here.” Later that got shortened to Audi – 5. Now. The kids also say “Peace.” Another spelling of Peace is Piece. One meaning of Piece is Gun. And another word for Gun is Gat. Combine Gat and Audi 5 and you get Gatty 5. This is how Koz and I now say goodbye. (We got Lady Jane Scarlett doing this too.) Join us!

Swagina – This is a contraction (hint: the first word is “Sweet”). The best part is that it sounds vulgar, the word Swagina itself isn’t bad. After this, we got on a roll. Koz’s favorite was “Switoris,” while both of us cracked up at Swulva. Switties is always a fun thing too.


Up tomorrow: More Monkey Barn Story, the best of potatoes, and another Carnival of the Mundane.


Anonymous said...

Ahh switties, we hardly knew ye.

Anonymous said...

Could go far with this one:
She's so sweggy

Sea Hag said...

What about swenis? And the elusive swee-spot?