The Business of Death

Today is April 5th, better known as International Take MacGyver to Work Day.

In case you're wondering how all that is supposed to happen, Sara already did just that.

I’ve never cried at the death of a person, but I think grief might be making me do weird things. (Which is my excuse for this entire ill-conceived week.) Besides a headache that hasn’t gone away since the moment I found out, I’ve noticed myself doing other oddities.

Yesterday I posted two “sad” columns, and was disappointed that only 8 people went to look at them. Deciding to kick it up a notch, I searched through my archives and fount a vicious rant on The Business of Death.

It felt weird to re-read the piece. While my views haven’t ameliorated much, the venom I felt when I wrote it was no longer there. However, in an effort to actually get people there, I recorded an audio version of the column, in a brand new website I’ve been saving. (But why not unveil it now?) Saying those words brought back the vitriol I originally had. I even got so overcome I messed up an entire sentence, but it felt right, so I left it in.

The words that were written (and this morning spoken) have nothing to do with my family’s current situation, or for that matter any particular person. You know I have nothing but fist pumps to the chest if you’ve lost someone.

But the anger’s real, and I don’t apologize for it.

Finally today, Tracy of Kaply Inc. offered to help out by coming up with a top ten list. She created a list of Really Weird Names. My thanks to her.

Tomorrow’s the funeral, so if I get my act together, maybe I’ll actually come up with something new in honor of that.

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