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Today is April 18, also known as International Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife Day. Sara has some interesting thoughts on how you can achieve this.


My friend Egan wrote this interesting post yesterday, where, among other things, he discussed the tradition of greeting people on Easter with “The Lord is Risen.” (You’re supposed to answer: “He is Risen indeed.”) Egan wasn’t sure where it came from or how to answer, and I happened to know so I left a comment:

I'm not trying to endorse anything, but there is a reason for the "The Lord is Risen" - "He is Risen indeed."

This exchange is what early Christians used to greet each other, especially in the days when it was illegal to be a Christian.

I think there is some value in the phrase, as a reminder to past times, a link to tradition, and I’m not going to hate on that. However: if you’re saying it to people who don’t know what it means, all you’re doing is making them feel bad. It becomes a shibboleth, some secret decoder phrase to prove how tight you are with Jesus. And no matter how you want to define it, that’s not a Christian way to behave. Something to think about next year.

And now that my little sermon is done, I have to tell the following story: when I was in college I became very famous for sleeping all day. One Friday I got up at noon, because the cafeteria was serving fries. On my way up some 200 steps, I saw Dave, a Religion major, coming down. Shocked to see me up that early, Dave jovially called out “You have risen!” He just meant it as a friendly comment, but without missing a beat I replied, “I have risen indeed.”

Dave laughed so hard that he fell, tumbling all the way to the bottom of the stairs and breaking his leg and spraining his arm.

The Lesson, as always: don’t talk to me before I have fries.


I asked my sister to do today’s top ten list, since I was busy getting the Monkey Barn story off the ground. I gave her carte blanche, and she decided to do examine the Best Salad Dressings.


The Monkey Barn Campfire Story is here! Each weekday for the next three weeks a different Monkey Barn contributor will continue the tale. This isn’t some well-crafted literature, slaved over for months on end. It’s like sitting around a Campfire, and each person tells part of the story, until it passes to the next person. You’re not supposed to “think” about it, you just tell.

It is an experiment, and like many of my experiments it may not work, but I’m hoping it will be fun. I gave everyone a word count (no more than 500), and told them to do whatever they wanted. Since it was my idea I was elected to start, and I decided to take initial inspiration from a picture and go from there. I hope you all enjoy this:

Harry and Anika sat there tense, trying to pretend they were no such thing. Last night had been truly awful. Three months in town and still no friends, they had jumped at a party invitation. The instructions to “bring your favorite weapon” were odd, but Harry assured Anika it was just small town humor.

Nothing at the party went well……

For more, see the Monkey Barn Campfire Story Part I


ChickyBabe said...

I used to work with someone who used to fall asleep all day, and he was religious too. I'll have to remember that line if/when I work with him again.

egan said...

ChickyBabe, laying down the knowledge. Hey, that's an interesting take on the "indeed" quote Hyperion. So why do you sleep so much?

Hyperion said...

I don't actually sleep that much. In fact, I've never met anyone who sleeps less than I did. However, when I do sleep it's usually during the day. In college it was perhaps every other day, but during the day. As people are generally up then, hence the reputation. Also, Dave was in my "History of Philosophy" class, which started at 7:30 (why would philosophy classes begin that early? We need a class just to discuss that), and hardly ever saw me.