Changing Gears

I had this week all mapped out. Today through Thursday was a three part column on one of my adventures—hopefully hilarious—and then go into the weekend with a bang; a sexy/kinda scary story.

You know how it is about best-laid plans.

Yesterday my grandfather died. I struggled with whether to mention this on the site, mostly because I absolutely abhor sympathy. I think that comes from the last grandfather to die, almost 17 years ago now. I found out at the end of a Sunday night church service, along with 500 other people. Afterwards everyone came up to me, sympathy writ large. I didn’t know how to handle it, and I think that must be the genesis of my problem with this area. (Sorry for the navel gazing, but I just figured this out last night.)

The way I found out this time was almost worse. I was asleep, in the middle of a dream, when my sister knocked on my door. She stuck her head in and said, “I just wanted to tell you, Grandpa died.” And then she closed the door. This is going to sound weird, but I actually felt my brain moving in my head, going from dream to cold reality at 100 m.p.h. It felt like my brain slammed into the side of my skull, and I’ve had an aching headache ever since.

I was pretty steamed, and went upstairs to tell her that was about the worst thing she’d ever done to me. She apologized in kind of a daze. I went back downstairs and thought about it, and I felt bad. No one—ever—would tell someone bad news that way. Obviously my sister was in shock. This is the first family member she’s lost. I went back upstairs and gave her a free hug, apologizing for my rough tone and letting her off the hook, so she wouldn’t feel guilty about it all day.

Anyway, I didn’t know what would be appropriate. I know some say laughter is the right thing after death, but that didn’t feel right, and just going dark without explanation seemed wrong as well.

So, what I have chosen to do is put the new material on hold until Monday, and instead run a few of my old columns, ones that tend to be more sad. Normally I couldn’t really get away with a “downer” week, but I guess now’s the time.

If I manage to write anything about my grandfather this week, I’ll post that too.

First of all, in case people out there think “SAD = BAD,” I beg to differ. I actually wrote about this once: #279 The Beauty of Sadness.

Today’s not-so-funny column to take a look at is #52 The Joy and the Sorrow. Any time I run a poll of favorites, this one always makes the top five.

Today is April 4th, also known as International Be Reliable Day. Do me a favor and visit the site. All the traffic thus far is coming from the other contributors, and they are making fun of me. C’mon guys: you’re making me look bad.


I’m delaying the final results of the NCAA pool until Monday. I just couldn’t get interested in tabulating the results. I didn’t even end up watching the game.

CRASH (Special Edition), BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE come out on video today. I have reviews on the Movie-Hype site if you’re interested.

There will be new material on here every day, just after midnight, but I won’t be sending out the notifications. I don’t feel like it, and it will give me a good chance to see who comes on their own, and who has to be told. Anyway, just so you know, if you feel like visiting, there will be new stuff.


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

no sympathy then. But I know how it feels.

Feel better.

Anonymous said...

I surfed over to your link to International Be Reliable Day and didn't see any Hyperion I missing something?