A Day unlike any other

Today is April 11. It is the second day in April that I get to name a holiday. I’m so excited, but I want you to be surprised, so I’m not even going to tell you what it is. Go find out what holiday you should be celebrating, and make sure you leave a witty comment, so I don’t look bad to the others.

Today’s Easter flashback is a curious choice. What I wanted to talk about was the Gospels, Truth vs. Fact, and what really matters when it comes to belief. But I chickened out and wrote a general column on truth instead. Re-reading it, I almost want to throw up at how poorly I managed to not make my point. I swear that tomorrow and Thursday will blow you away as far as these Easter Columns go. But for now, feel free to check out #113 The Truth of the Matter.

A couple of site notes: Yesterday I made Sara the newest Evil Kitty of the Realm. As a thank you she bitched all day. First she said I didn’t highlight her best post, on why California should have a state donut. Then she complained (and got her Pink Mafia buddies to help) that the picture I posted of her was not a cat at all, but actually a bunny. I tracked down that photo, AND IT IS A CAT, SO STOP WITH ALL THE EMAILS YOU FREAKS!

Next, on Monkey Barn there was huge news. Biggest perhaps is that my River Midget Intern Tobias has just up and left. He didn’t leave a not. He just left.

Obviously this puts me in a bind as far as getting stuff done around here, does mean that we have openings for Monkey Barn Contributors. If you think you have what it takes write and express your interest, but do so now, because I plan to fill the vacancies soon.

Next week we will be starting a Monkey Barn Campfire story. Each day another contributor will take up the story and tell a small part. Should be fun.

Finally, you may notice ads on Monkey Barn. This is just an experiment to see how it might work. Writing is my only job, and I have to figure out a way to make it viable if I’m going to continue my high quality output. (Or at least high-output.) If it works, I may put them on the other sites.

Okay. You’ve waded through the effluvia, and now we come to the good stuff. First off I have a top ten list of Tom Hanks Performances.

#9 Catch Me If You Can

#7 A League of Their Own

Guess the other Great Tom Hanks Performances.

See you tomorrow; you'll want to bring the whole family


'Jax said...

I tried twice to leave something on your international blankity blank day. But after processing carefully both times, my comment did not appear. So instead I will simply say here:

The Hyperionic Spin Control Center (HYPSPINCONCENT) has indicated a major Hindi demographic setback for Hyperionic World Domination (HYPEDOM), and advocates an immediate non-offensive alternative byproduct choice. Buffalo should do, at least until the Sioux rise again and kill us all.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

donut = funny

cat = bunny

take that. ;^)

Dragon said...

I wasn't able to leave a comment on the International _____ Day page either. So I'll leave it here.

Until I got to know his Hypeness, I had never tried beef jerky. Now its one of my favourite snacks. Low in fat, high in protein and very tasty. Long live Jerky!