Kitties, Carnivals and Tubers

Today is April 28, also known as International Unleash the Child in You Day. Saturday April 28 is International Burt and Loni Day, and finishing the month up strong, Sunday April 30 is International Unleash your Passion Day. (There's a lot of unleashing going on.)

I won't be doing International Day in May, so this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed it. Pleast take the time to go on over and read the explanations for the final days, and leave a comment or three. Everyone worked very hard, and I'm proud of them.


Today is another Carnival of the Mundane, hosted by Curmodgeonry. My entry is my horrible birthday, which most of you should have read earlier this week. If not, here's your chance, but even if you did, head on over and take a look at the various entries. There are some good ones.


For reasons I no longer remember, I deemed today's Top Ten list to be all about the best way to prepare potatoes. Before you head on over, see if you can guess what 10 will be on the list. You don't have to get the order correct (although if you miss #1 I scoff at you), but you should be able to get all 10 that are there.

Tot on over to the list.


Some have asked me why I put myself on the Monkey Barn Campfire Story Schedule more than once. I inserted myself in the middle because I thought I might have to rescue a story that was gettting out of hand, and also because I knew that the continuity might have gotten so off that the entire enterprise threatened to devolve.

Luckily, the quality of the chapters have amazed me. As for continuity, I guess I should thank my stars that no Purple Monkey Dishwashers have shown up. My chapter today is spend mostly reconciling those details that might have slipped your mind, and hopefully preparing the way for a kick ass final week. You can catch up over on Literary Hype, and once you have, check out Part IX, where tears are spilled, bad guys are chilled, and maybe even a Rosebud or two.

Part IX


Today I'm proud to announce another Evil Kitty of the Realm. It is our very own Dragon, Monkey Barn Contributor and often savior of the website, since I have no technical skillz whatsoever.

Besides her computer prowess and general scaly awesomeness, Dragon is a consumate chef. She has taken the time to list many many recipes of hers, with more to come. If you love food (if you don't--and I mean no disrespect by this--get the hell away from my website), you'll want to spend some time perusing the menus. Try out the recipes and then let her know how happy you are with them.

I give you our next S.K.I.T.T.L.E. (Sexy Kitty International Termination Team (Lesbians Encouraged))

Welcome Dragon, (Code Name Angel)

Go Check out Dragon's Kitchen.


Even though I'm not doing the International Days, I am taking off Monday, May 1 as Amelia Airhart Day. Think about it. (When you get it, you're simply going to crack up.) See you Tuesday.


ChickyBabe said...

And a round of applause to you, Hyperion, for organising and coordinating the International Days blog. It has been a lot of fun, and thank you for inviting me to be part of it.

Tracy Lynn said...

I second that. Well done, and thanks.

Fitèna said...

I second CB and TL! Thank you for making it happen!!!
If not for may, hope we do it again nother time/month!!!
Bravo Hyperion and thanks!