Old School

Today is April 24, also known as International Old School Day. In honor, we’re kickin’ it all Old School, boyeeee.

I have to make a decision in the next couple of days whether to continue International Day into May. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.


For the second week in a row we broke our attendance record here at the institute, with over 2400 hits. With luck we’ll hit 40,000 this week. I put up an aggregate hit count, in case you want to follow along. (Anyone who can show me a screenshot of 40,000 gets my undying loyalty.)


So, I definitely blew it. I was under a time crunch last Friday to get the 50 Redheads done, and while I worked really hard, I screwed up and missed some names. And boy did you let me know about it. To atone, I listed the top 12 names of Redheads that should have been on the first list.

And quit sending me emails, okay? I’m sorry.


The Monkey Barn Campfire Story rolls into its second week. If you want to catch up, I have all the chapters posted so far over on Literary Hype. In today’s installment, we find out what Harry and Anika may have been running from when they moved to this small town. There will be thrills, chills, and possibly someone killed with a pot roast. (Or an accordion.)

Take a look at Part V.

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Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Call me controversial, but It doesn't seem like International Days is a huge hit...perhaps we've run course with it?