One Gave All

Today is April 12, also known as International Ninja Giving Day. (It’s not what you think.)


Some of you may have noticed ads on the Hyperion Institute. No, I haven’t sold my soul, but writing is my job. I have other “big” projects, like novels and screenplays, but they are, as my friend Sara might say, currently “in development.”

This means I have to come up with some way to generate income, or else quit doing the Hyperion Institute. (And hopefully none of you want that.)

I’ve come up with three non-intrusive ways to make money. Ads are one of them. (It remains to be seen whether it will work.) According to the terms I signed, I cannot ask you to click on them. (Although, I can say if you are clicking, DO NOT click on an ad more than once a day, or they will get suspicious that I put you up to it.)

It may work out better than I thought. Yesterday 68 people went to Monkey Barn, and 17 of them clicked on an ad (a 25% rate), which earned me $3.26. I’ll keep you posted how I’m doing, and I’ll let you know about the other ideas too.

Oh, Hell; I’ll go ahead and mention one of them, although we’re not ready to go yet. I’m planning on selling t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Hyperion Institute logo (assuming I can come up with one). Each shirt will probably have some catch phrase I’ve invented. Anyway, stay tuned.


Sara wrote me privately and said she felt really bad about doubting my word on the whole cat/bunny controversy. To make up for it, she asked to do a Top Ten List. I gave her carte blanche, and she came up with Evil Geniuses/Scientists/Nemesii. (I just like saying “nemesii.” Try to work it into conversation today, if possible. “Ted from Accounting and Bill from Marketing are my Nemesii.”

Lex Luthor is #7. Go see the rest.


Today’s Easter Column is one of the Hyperion Nation’s three all-time favorites. I personally wasn’t super happy with it when I wrote it, but hey: give the people what they want.

Over the years, more than any other query, I’ve been asked this: Why is Jesus’s dying on the cross a big deal? If someone knew they could save the entire world by dying, and they got to come back in two days, who wouldn’t do it? People have fallen on grenades, and other acts of sacrificial bravery, to save far fewer. I think this is a pretty good question. Here is one answer:

For more, see #114 One Gave All.

Tomorrow: probably the very best column I’ve ever written.


Sea Hag said...

the best column you ever wrote was the one about the q-tip.

'Jax said...

He wrote one about my wedding which involved krill-seeking bridesmaids which I thought was pretty funny. But I do thing #114 One Gave All would be my All-Time Fav-o-rite.