Quelque Chose

Today is April 6, better known as International Quelque Chose Day. I’ve been enjoying Egan’s site lately, and expected snarky wit. What a nice treat to see such a sweet day.

Today is also the day of my Grandfather’s funeral. The Canadian contingent of the family will not be attending, the subject of which I had less than kind words to say to any and all involved.

To be fair, the situation is no one’s fault, which sometimes makes it harder when you want to get angry, and there isn’t an apt target. Oh well. Perhaps it’s for the best. From yesterday, you might have noticed I’m not overly fond of funerals, and have in the past vowed not to attend any more. It was pointed out to me that my plan (to fly to Georgia to be there for the family, but decline funeral attendance), would not be met with open arms, and would even make things worse. And though “Making Things Worse” is one of my Indian names, in this situation I’m glad I could at least spare the family that drama.

If I had been able to be there, and if some how they had talked me into going to the funeral, I think I would have said words similar to Part 1 of today’s column. As for Part 2, I’m not even sure why I wrote it. Feel free to ignore it; I just needed to write it.

To waste more time reading Hyperion’s ill-begotten words, check out #384 Reflections on Death and those who have Departed.

See you tomorrow, for the conclusion of Sad Week. As long as I’m stringing together this macabre procession of days, I think I’m going to up the caliber of my pen.

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egan said...

Funerals aren't fun. Been to a few of them, but all were family members. I hope to not go to one for a real long time. Have a good weekend.