Today is April 21, one of my days, and a doozy it is: International Kiss a Redhead Day. I expect every one of you to click on that link, and if you don’t, I’ll know (and asses will be kicked!)


We just now got the weekend days up, so you can prepare your celebrations for that. One of the contributors is having computer problems, and in honor of her we have International Slap Your Computer Day. Then we end the week with a delicious International Share a Secret Day. Should be a great weekend!


I picked this day ahead of time because it is also Dominique’s birthday. There was supposed to be a special Dominique column, but things have been crazy around here, as you well know. Carny said he’d do it, but he got detained during the Islam cartoon riots of a few weeks ago, and just yesterday got out of prison in Pakistan. He apologizes and promises to get the story done soon.

In the meantime, as an attempt to placate Dominique, I thought I would run a top ten list of Redheads in history. Lady Jane Scarlett was helping me, but how many times do I have to listen to her drool over Lindsay Lohan? Koz wasn’t much better.

The point is, by the time the list was done, it wasn’t ten. It was 50!

Go on over and take a look at some of the best Redheads ever!


Okay, so this is apropos of nothing, but I wanted to tell you anyway. I was watching Saved By the Bell, the episode where they go to that manor for the murder mystery. (By the way, has anyone ever done this? It sounds like so much fun!)

After the first “murder,” Screech shows up in a Nerdy Sherlock Holmes ensemble, complete with deerstalker cap, tweed jacket and pipe. After Zach asks what’s going on, Screech says, “Elementary, my dear Zacky boy! It was the stable boy!”

Jessie then replies, “There are no stables, you dork!”

Without missing a beat, Screech gets this contemplative look on his face and says, “Hmmm… so the dog lied!”

That has to be one of the best lines ever. Today at work or at home or with friends, when you hear something contradictory to something you said, instead of getting embarrassed or whatever, get this deep-in-thought look on your face, and very seriously say, “So the dog lied!” At worst it’s good for some laughs. (And if you’re like me, chances are the people around will never quite know if you’re serious or not.)


For my money, the stupid movie reviews of the last two days (Aeon Flux and Waiting…) are a good bet if you just HAVE to see a stupid movie. However, some of you might be hell-bent on seeing Scary Movie 4. At least read Hyperion’s (very short) review first.


Finally today, the Monkey Barn Campfire Story hits the weekend, with a very special flashback episode. We finally found out what that “weapon” was, as old flames cause new hurts, flesh is violated, and we discover that you never mess with a man’s accordion.

Go on to Chapter 4.

See you Monday, where hopefully everything will be straightened out. Have a good weekend, and try not to trust many dogs.

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Fatma said...

Hey Hype! I wanna say MUCHAS GRACIAS! Man am so overwhelmed by your gentilesse am actually cruing! (Am getting funny glances from the other cybernautes in the cyber cafe!)! Thanks for taking up my day!
You wouldn't happen to have any idea what causes a PC to keep reseting by itself, would you? that's what my bummerPC has been doing!
There's nothing worst than blogging in a cybercafé, no intimité!!