Back in the saddle

I probably I should apologize for the last two days of navel gazing. (I’m not going to, but I should.) I was preparing the day’s material and reviewing the previous day’s numbers, and it suddenly occurred to me; “why am I doing this?” I know some of you enjoy what I have to say, but I honestly wondered if any of it made a difference.

(Verily: I had much higher numbers the last two days when I ran nothing than Monday when I had three different articles to look at.)

One of the problems of Hit Counters and instant feedback is that you get caught up in that. When the site doesn’t grow—or even regresses—it gets to me. I know it probably shouldn’t, but I don’t have a paying job. Writing is my job. My other writing (novels, stories and screenplays) are long-term before I’ll ever see any money or notoriety, so for me, this is it.

(As to the financial aspect, something is going to have to give soon or I will have no choice but to pull back and concentrate fully on other things. I have one more trick up my sleeve, which I’ll be unveiling Monday, Light willing.)

None of this is your fault, but that’s where I was mentally. I am still there, I guess. I’m finding it hard to care about much. I think this is in response to the stagnation, the lack of comments or foreword momentum. People advise me every day not to put links on the home page, but screw that. This site offers you more on a day to day basis than virtually any other one-man show you can find on the web. The catch: you might have to click a button or two. See? There I go again. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

I promise not to be a whiny bitch, at least for the rest of the week.

Weaking of Spich, there’s a great show today. First off, my Mother has a Ranking contribution; new fashion trends she noticed on a recent trip to the US.

I meant to do this Tuesday, but new movies are out on DVD. Two of them are among last year’s best movies. MUNICH is stunning and should have won best picture, while THE NEW WORLD is not only transcendent, but pushed me to write one of my best reviews ever. Read it for the literature if nothing else.

I also noticed that Rescue Me Season 2 was coming out Tuesday, and as this is a show I have been trumpeting, I got on my horse to write a review.

Become a Fireman too.

Finally, I continue my column from Monday, talking about my trip to Ottawa. In today’s episode we find out what’s under kilts, how much water costs, and just where that “Mr. Buffalo” came from.

Join Hyperion in all the fun.

Up tomorrow: the conclusion to the Ottawa trip, a review of MI:III, and possibly a rant or two.


Tracy Lynn said...

Welcome back. Bastard. And I mean that in a good way.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Good to see you back in your usual fine form Hypey. Your words are awesome and my day isn't the same until I enter your world. Never underestimate the impact you have on others, hit numbers does not equal value.
:) LJS

ChickyBabe said...

We all have our down moments Hype when we question of anything os worthwhile. That's what blogs are there for sometimes.

Glad you're feeling better.