Grizzly Hypey

I was supposed to launch a new site today, but my own staggering incompetence (it's really a site to behold) keeps me back.

Instead we have cheese, and these other fine products:


My sister jumps in the fray to help out with her ten favorite Disney movies. Quite the list.


Speaking of movies, Hyperion saw Braveheart on TV, and he's not happy about it. Go listen to him bluster.


Finally today, I realize I have been totally remiss in updating the Family Movie Project. For those who don't remember, over Christmas my family agreed to divide up the year by months (we all got two), and each month watch a movie recommended by a different family member. Then we're supposed to talk about them (which hasn't happened yet), but at the very least, by next Christmas there will be 12 movies that we've all seen in common.

I've fallen so far behind that I haven't even given you April, which was my month. I went in a different direction than my dad and two sisters, and picked a documentary.

This films contains some of the most (and I know this term is over-used, but it applies) jaw-dropping footage I have ever seen in my life. Do me a favor and read the review and see if you're not interested in seeing the film.

Hyperion Growls for GRIZZLY MAN.

Come back tomorrow. Possibly I might even have my act together. (But don't count on it.)

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