I will get something right eventually. You'll see

Partly because I'm an idiot (I sent out the wrong link), and partly because my email notification service sucks (If anyone can find me a better one, Hyperion will love you long time), Friday's column was read (or heard, as there was an audio version) by very many people.

That sucks, because it's the best thing I've written this year. Partly because I want people to read it, and partly because today is a holiday up here in Canada (well, a pseudo holiday, but don't tell them that), I am not starting the big project just yet. If you haven't heard it yet, take a look at #391 Oh, Wretched Mortals! Please?

And so you won't think I'm completely ignoring May 22, Here are the top five movies of 1997.

[Oh, and someone is having a birthday. I'll give you a hint: he swings from trees.]

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