I'm here....barely

I'm still not completely recovered from my weekend, so I'm taking it easy today, and possibly the rest of the week too.

Six different people wrote when there was nothing Monday, asking if there was anything wrong. Part of me found that very touching. (Sniff sniff.) The other part thought, "Can these people not read?"

I refer you to last Friday, when I wrote:

I am taking off Monday, May 1 as Amelia Airhart Day. Think about it. (When you get it, you're simply going to crack up.)

Now, granted I spelled "Earhart" wrong (I was very very tired), but still....I told you I was taking a day off people! Jeez. Can't you get along one day without me?

(By the way, for those of you who didn't get the joke, Monday was May 1, also known as "May Day." Isn't that the funniest joke ever???)

Seriously, as soon as I recover I plan to write a column about my adventures. In typical Hyperion fashion, I almost ended the Canadian government as we know it, got sexually propositioned on a plane, won a fortune in poker, stole a seven dollar bottle of water, and tried haggis. (Okay, the last part I made up. I was going to try haggis, but chickened out at the last minute.) The rest (and more) is all true, and I'll tell you as soon as I'm able.


Google says I broke the terms and conditions of the Adsense program, and has removed the ads. I most certainly did not do this, and hopefully we can work it out (especially since they owe me money.) I'm very hopeful it's just a simple misunderstanding. If not.....

Anyway, stay tuned for that.


I'm not up to doing much, so Elessar is providing today's top ten list, of his favorite smells. Pretty good stuff.


Monday we resumed with the Monkey Barn Campfire Story. Elvis kept the tale crackling, as did Schrodinger yesterday. I'm very proud of both of them, and if you didn't read it, catch up on Literary Hype.

Today Koz takes the baton, in what is destined to be the most controversial chapter yet. I will say no more, but simply let you read Part XII.


People, be good sports and send me stuff to post the next two days. I promise you I have acres of material lined up, but I'm only human, you know? Remember that time I didn't sleep with your woman? You owe me!

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Dragon said...

Sounds like an exciting weekend. I can't wait to read about it.