Men of the World, Unite!

Yesterday's Gauntlet has me all pumped up. In the coming days there are 4 (and if Monkey Barners get on board, 6) new projects dropping here at the Institute. Glorificus days are ahead. If you've never told anyone else about the site, now is the time to start.

Before I get to the day's material, I owe the collective audience an apology. On May 8th I posted this sarcastic bit on Monkey Barn, about an email I got telling me I'd won a lottery. If you ever look into these things, it turns out all you have to do is pay some taxes and the money is yours....except Whoops! The money never materializes.

This morning I received this email from Bolys-Ali Adebassuly in, of all places, Kazakhstan:
Hi! Do you think that email is spam or not! Did you get this winning?
Cause of I get this mail too! But when I contact with them they said that I must pay advance fee for taxes and open account etc! If it real write me ! thank you! I need to know!

I already have paid fee for certification, because I am from kazakhstan, I don't know about spam, I thoung, wow, I will be rich, cause I am form not rich family!

If you can help, please write, help me!
I pray to Jebus that Bolys-Ali did not make remunerative efforts after reading my email. I assumed my sarcasm was obvious, but one should never assume that in the written word, not to mention the fact that my international contingent is growing alarmingly by the day. (More on that another time.)

Bottom Line: The email is a scam, as is any email that promises cash. Nobody sends cash notifications through the email. If you're an international reader, hopefully you weren't confused. And if you're from North America, hopefully you're not too stupid to have figured that out.

It's been a little while since we've looked at the best movies of the 1990s. We're down to #4, 1997, one of my favorite movie years ever. No less than 3 of my 20 favorite films ever come from this decade.

Tomorrow will launch the announcement of a new initiative. However, before I do that is is necessary for you to read a column I wrote two years ago, #287 The Institute. It definitely sets the stage. (And it's short, Koz, so don't be hating.) As way of introduction, I will attempt to make good on a seemingly counter-intuitive proposition.

Defend the following statement: "The biggest problem in the world is that there is not enough evil."

It's actually not all that difficult, once applied, but if you don't want to wait until tomorrow and think you can outguess me, feel free to send me your analysis. If it's any good I'll post it alongside mine.

I leave you on an absolute high. In a fit of inspiration not seen since the first man looked longingly at a cow's udder and said, "I'm gonna squeeze and drink," I have an audio piece over on Hyperion Rants. I pretty much guarantee you'll invite your coworkers over to listen after you have. (And please: let me know if you want to join the coalition.)


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