I was about to launch a brand new website when it occurred to me that today was Memorial Day in the US. One of the things I miss the most about being up here in the Witness Protection Program is that I miss out on actual holidays, and instead have to go with the fake ones provided by the Queen.

In honor of Memorial Day I bring you the first Top Ten List I ever wrote for this site: the Top Ten most Patriotic Movies.

(speaking of patriotism, I'm doing a top ten list on best war movies, so if you have any thoughts, send them my way.)


And just so you can have something new, I have a review of another war movie: JARHEAD.

As I was watching JARHEAD I got the impression that this film had big aspirations. Not to be some epic war movie—director Sam Mendes is too intelligent to attempt recreations of the very masterpieces he gives homage—but the definitive movie about what a soldier’s life is like, specifically in Gulf War I.

Having talked to more than a few who were in that conflict, the overwhelming perspective is that JARHEAD gets that part right, and taking their word for it, I tip my cap there.

But a movie has to be more than just getting things right. It must entertain, yes, but if the movie aims high, it must also inspire, teach, and transcend.

To me JARHEAD was good but not great, informative but not inspiring, provocative but not profound.

For more see MovieHype for my Review of JARHEAD

See you tomorrow. Lots of big news.

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