Pick a Column Day

At the last minute I decided to cook this huge Mother's Day Feast, which pushed back the website schedule a day or so. (Not only because with hours of prep and cook time, I couldn't get everything written, but because I can hardly sit or stand right now I'm so sore.)

So, your job is to head over to the Hyperion Chronicles Table of Contents and read one column that sounds interesting, and then leave a comment here which one it was and and what you thought of it. I'm pretty sure Koz is the only one who's read every single column, and he's forgetful. In other words: there is something there for you. I have all that material, and it took months and months to get it up there: take today and read one.

Oh, and just so you know, after today Monkey Barn is going on hiatus. Enjoy the posts while you can, because it's going offline at midnight for some revamping and reconceptualizing.

Lastly, most of the contributors for International_____Day (where everyday is a holiday) have been selected, but there are still a few spots open if you're interested. Send me an email by Wednesday if you'd like to be a part.

See you tomorrow, for hopefully some big stuff.


Tracy Lynn said...

A Mall And The Hype Visitor .

Well done, Hyperion. I have the same bombastic, foam at the mouth reaction to the mall, which is why I never go there.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I adore your Poe trilogy. As for your Mall story...I too am not the biggest fan. Because once you've seen a mall, you've seen em'all.
yuck yuck yuck.
:) ljs

Tracy Lynn said...

LJS, you slay me. :-)