Spotting the Mattresses

Today is another edition of the Carnival of the Mundane, over at RunJenRun. I know most of you ignore these in a the past, but it's really a great way to get to know other writers. I myself have made many web-friends. (I'm not sure what to call web friends. Do you call then Wrends? Frebs? Can someone help me out here?)

Anyway, even if you don't want to read Hyperion's Dinner Party Guest List, you should go to support our very own Lady Jane Scarlett, who has a fascinating treatise on coffee rings.

I will be checking various entries in this week's Carnival, and I expect to see comments left by my readers. Make me proud, Nation: go have fun at the Carnival.


To celebrate Threequels, the last two days we've looked at the best and worst of them over on Rank Everything. Quite a few questions arose about what the #1 Worst Threequel was, since I named it not.


What part of "We will never discuss this again" didn't you dolts understand? Anyway, to give you a small hint, "go to the mattresses."

For today's list, I asked the Monkey Barners what kind of Mutant Power they would like to have, and what their name would be if they joined the X-Men.

You're going to love what they came up with.


We end the week with a brand new segment: Hyperion's "Word that isn't a Word but should be a word because it's really cool." (Ironically, I probably need a better name for this.)

I was watching Charles in Charge the other day (don't ask) and I saw...Matthew Perry! I couldn't believe it. He was 15 years old! (I checked.)

This is only the latest in a long list of times I have noticed a star in something old. Here's how it breaks down:

  • You initially watch something
  • Years later, you go back and watch it again. You notice a star in a role you didn't notice previously, because of course at the time of the initial viewing that person wasn't famous.
  • For some strange reason you get a little thrill and go, "Hey, that's _________!"


Here's a great example. Go back and watch What about Bob the next time it's on TBS. Note the daughter, Anna I believe her name is. Doesn't she look familiar? Can't quite place her, but know the face. Stare hard for a minute, before realizing....she's the detective on Law & Order Criminal Intent!

I'm absolutely positive you all do this. Now there's a term for it.

I better see some "Thank You, Hyperion"s, and I'll see you Monday


kapgar said...

I've seen Matt Perry in all kinds of old roles. Kinda disturbing, too. He was the "playa" in that Tony Danza movie "She's Out of Control" trying to mack on his daughter. Just so not the Chandler we all know. There have been others, too.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Thank you Hypey!

Dragon said...

Thank you, little one.

Tracy Lynn said...

Thanks, H. I was just watching the third (!) Home Alone the other day ( LOOOOOONG story) and I totally retrospotted Scarlett Johansson as the older sister. Booyah!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Hypie, "retrospotting" is a cool word! Remember, the other day we spotted Meredith from Gray's Anatomy in something...can't remember what.