Sturm und Drang

I finally saw last Thursday's CSI, part one of the Season finale. A good episode to be sure, but they will have to ramp up in a hurry to top last year's Quentin Tarrantino opus.

However, CSI is doing their best. A few weeks ago on the CBS website they released this Picture of the gang in a diner, that supposedly held clues to figuring out the final episode.

Obviously some of the clues have now come to pass, but I still had a ball searching for clues, including the face in the back window! If you're a CSI fan, you should enjoy it too.


A tad late, but in honor of Mother's Day, The Best and Worst TV Moms.


I wrote a column on something, and then I happened upon Malcolm Gladwell's review of the book Why? by Charles Tilly. Gladwell's review is better than anything I've written this year, let alone the book.

I realized that I couldn't post my column. You and your literary sensibilities are better off reading his review. It's high concept, well explained, and just plain awesome.

This is the second time I've come across something random by Gladwell apart from his actual columns and books. (The last was an email conversation he had with another writer.)

Gladwell inspires me, but in another way he depresses me. I tell you the truth: I am so fucking tired of writing crap that matters not, of watering down my natural vocabulary and censoring the inate Sturm und Drang exploding within me all in a fruitless attempt to pander to some mythical lowest common denominator audience that doesn't exist.

I'm not saying that's you. I'm saying it's in my head. Even now I fight the urge to ameliorate. Who will be offended I wrote the F word? Will some be lost by a German literary reference?


No more.

As the pimply-faced cracking-voice usher of the Aztec Movie Theatre said (While brandishing a giant Kit-Kat in saber-like arcs), "It ends here."

Come back tomorrow with a grizzly bear, ample bus fare, the devil may care and clean underwear.

'Cause the gloves come off.

And may God have mercy on all your souls.


Tracy Lynn said...

Bring it, writer boy. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Wheeeee! I'm IN!