Yesterday I invited over “the Rake” (everybody loves the Rake) for an X-athon, which isn’t some ode to Brokeback Hypey, but rather back-to-back viewings of the first two X-Men movies to get ready for X-Men 3.

As such, major Institute projects were put temporarily on hold, but I was able to bang out two great top ten lists, on best and worst Threequels.

Today we have the worst.

Also, a funny story about renting the X-Men movies. I head over to Blockbuster Monday night, and all they have is X-Men 1 (or more specifically, X-Men 1.5, whatever that’s about.) I asked the guy behind the counter if maybe the copy had just been returned, and he said no but they did have this deal to buy X-Men 2 and Daredevil (brand new) as a two-pack for only 10 bucks.

This sounded like a great solution, except for one small problem: I’d have to own Daredevil. I could throw it away on my way out, but I’d still have owned it for a brief period of time.

We figured out a solution: I technically “bought” the two-pack and then traded in Daredevil for $5 store credit, which I used to rent X-Men 1. I justified this by not actually handing any money over until the accounting was done, thus able to convince myself that I didn’t actually buy Daredevil.

Okay, it’s not that good a story.

I can't promise ginormous stuff tomorrow because I may be too hyped up from the LOST finale tonight to sleep, but there will be the best Threequel list, and possibly a Hyperion X.

Oh, and hopefully Monkey Barn. I had this great idea for the Barn, to which my contributors said no. Dejected, I ended the hiatus, only to see them not post anything! If you see one of them on the street, do a groin kick for me, okay?


kapgar said...

Do not--I repeat, DO NOT--sully your collection with a copy of Daredevil!

Tracy Lynn said...

I agree. That movie was tripe from start to finish, and that's kind of insulting the tripe, at that.