The Title would go here if I wasn't too lazy to come up with one

Lady Jane Scarlett continues the Monkey Barn Campfire Story, in Part XIII. I'm pretty sure Archer Falcon would have approved.

Tomorrow is the final chapter, but I'm only posting it if Ajax agrees to read it.

You can catch up on Literary Hype, or go read Part XIII.


Sara of Schrodinger's Kitten was kind enough to send me a top ten list, of her favorite sounds. I agreed with just about all of them, but some of the pictures she supplied made me wonder.

Do you hear what she hears?

I still need a list for tomorrow's top ten, so be a Man (or Woman) and send one in.


I didn't get anything else done today, so let me take a moment to plug my Evil Kitties of the Realm. All of them have interesting things going on, so go check them out.

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion to the Monkey Barn Campfire Story, and possibly more (but as sore as I've been, probably not).

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Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I choked on my coffee with the lovers laugh photo.

Jealous much?