6 - Six - VI

Today is June 06, 2006, which some people are trumping up to mean evil and whatnot, but what Laureate tells us is the much more fun International "Wars were better in my day" Day. Go find out what he wants you to do. (Hint: it involves a good fight.)


As previously mentioned, today is June 06, which some people say is 666, the mark of Satan. Friends, I don't even know where to begin with what's wrong with that statement.

To begin with:

Revelation was written in code, which means we don't know what 6-6-6 means. The one thing we know for certain it doesn't mean is 6-6-6, or it'd be a pretty terrible code.
It's not 666, it's three sixes as separate numbers. Even then that may be a mistranslation, as one way of reading it would be 66-66-66.
Even then, how is 6-6-2006 fit into that?

I could go on, but I won't. Instead, I'll get into the spirit of things. I have scoured the experts and asked them what signs to look for.

If you are afraid the world might end today, I have listed the Top Six Signs to look for that will foretell the coming Apocalypse. This way you can be sure.
(Speaking of which, did you know that I once almost ended the world?)


Finally today, on a more serious note, I have Movie-Hype00666. I meant to do it last Friday, because of the subject matter, but there was just too much else going on and I wanted to keep the focus on the other columns. It's a review of the film IRREVERSIBLE, the most controversial film to come out in years. The review deals graphically with sexual violence, and I felt compelled to put it in HyperionX, not for any prurient reasons, but simply because a frank discussion of the film is necessary to understand it. I know I say this every time I put something on HyperionX X, but this time I'm not worrying about offending your sensibilities. IRREVERSIBLE is a difficult difficult film to watch, and that carries over to reading about it. Only read the review if you really want to.

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