Carnival Eve

I had planned a great number of things today -- top ten movies of 1994, rants on Ms. vs. Miss, even a Hyperion X on a new swear word, but I realized I was trying to do too much. Between my Carnival hosting duties and what an awful day this is (which I wasn't expecting until tomorrow), I'm just beat. But I don't want to ignore the great contributions the International Day people have made. (Plus Dominique sends me an email every ten minutes wondering where stuff is).

Before I get to the Int. Day stuff, a note about tomorrow: I will be hosting the Carnival of the Mundane. That means many other people who regularly don't visit this site will be coming. Treat them as guests in your own home, and be nice. And I know you guys normally don't participate in the Carnivals, but since it's hear I think you should. Go visit a site or two. You never know when you'll find someone new (as long as you don't like them more than you like me). Lastly, tomorrow's Carnival will be a tad scary, so don't read it with the lights turned out.

ONE OTHER THING: We continue to allow Empire of the Mind applications in, but it is a rolling admission process, so enter if you think you want to be a part. And Five Kingdoms is moving on, but feel free to jump in if you want to join. You can always catch up.

Okay. Today is June 22, which my increasingly good friend Kapgar has declared International Food Court Day. So get out there and do some autonomous mid-mall snacking!

Tomorrow is June 23, which, besides being my parents' 33rd anniversary (go parents! go parents! it's your...uh, anniversary), I have declared International Bugs Potter Day. I'm not going to tell you what that means, but get over there and see for yourself.

Saturday is June 24, which Koz avers is International Have Sex With a Coworker Day. One wonders two things: A) Why was Koz such a coward to put this on a Saturday! B) Just who does Koz have in mind? When I talk to his wife Teela later today I'll ask her. (By the way: my parents work together, but in the words of my sister, both my parents are virgins, so don't think about it.)

And Sunday is June 25, a great follow-up from sexy coworkers, the Rake has decided to call it International Take a Nude Picture Day. If you are a woman, feel free to send me this picture. (No really; my own woman said it was okay.)

Thanks, folks. I'm going to get ready for the Carnival. I hope all of you will come back tomorrow, bring friends, see the sites, leave lots and lots and lots of comments, and send me nude pictures. Or money. Whatever.

(PS: Monkey Barn is having a great celebrity-guessing game right now, and Alligator Pit will be updated by the end of the day.)


Skittles said...

It's about time! I've been sitting here waiting all day!

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, about damn time. I have been waiting, too.