Half Year's Eve!

Today is June 30. Tomorrow we will be half way done with the year, and in honor of that I snagged the day (I know the guy who runs the site) so I could bring you International Half Year's Eve Day. I want you to party like it's 2006 (and a half), and then leave a comment on your party plans (or some crazy story about what you did.)

Tomorrow the festivities continue with Koz's International Pizza Day. I know you all can celebrate this!

And Sunday Kapgar throws us into a different gear with International Eat Something New Day. Make sure you visit the site to leave a comment on what you ate. (I KNOW how many of you visit this page. And if you don't leave comments on International Day, I'm going to seduce your wife. Fair warning.)


Over on Monkey Barn we've put together a Picture show for you. Each of the pictures are hand drawn (well, they used a computer, but they themselves did it.) I hope you enjoy.


Deep thought of the Day: "You are what you hate." I heard this on CSI the other night, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it yet.


Counting down the best movies from the '90s, year by year. We're still on 1994, and there are some great films to look at. Go see how many you've seen, and how many you still have to.

Best movies of '94, part 2.

If you missed a day this week make sure you catch up! Or just visit our archives (Over on the right) and see why Hyperion has so many groupies. You can be one of them! Also, sign up for Empire of the Mind and Five Kingdoms (top left), and sign up on Notify List so you won't miss anything (middle left), then donate money and have me right a story about you. Then sing "Sweet Adeline" in a barbershop quartet. After that you're on your own.

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tiff said...

I will give you money ONLY if you "right" a story about me. There are many that I would like to have corrected.
Thanks much.