Hanging on

Today is June 12, International News Radio Day. Get over there and share some Phil Hartman memories!

Elessar has come up with essential albums from his youth that every audiophile must have. He assures me there is no possible way you can disagree with his list.

I meant to have more, but the combination of being sick and working on a huge project for the Chinese government (more on that tomorrow) has thrown me off. But I better not hear any complaining. Monkey Barn and the blog are full to the brim with chocolatey goodness. You can make me sicker by judging my character faults, laugh at British chicks, get in line to slap me, or try to figure out what a sidekick is. Oh, and Dragon demands you check out her new recipes (Over on the right). I don't usually respond to threats, but you try ignoring someone who breathes fire.

I'm going back to sleep. Until tomorrow, I leave you with presents I will not be getting my dad Sunday:


Dragon said...

I rather like the bloated frog. "The Bloated Frogs", there's a great name for a punk band or barbershop quintet.

Sea Hag said...

I like the little golf cart thing!