International Day Returns!

First, a programming note: tomorrow will be the most important day (on a personal level) of the entire summer, if not the year. You’ll want to be here.

Ajax steps up to the plate with his Top 15 Heist Movies of all time. Other than a Bruce Willis obsession, a fine job.


For over a year now I’ve wanted to do a series of movie reviews that look at Originals vs. Remakes. (That this is the first time I’ve completed one shows you how successful I’m not.)

Anyway, better late than never I have a look at one of the most famous and enigmatic films of all time: THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. I think you’ll find my review illuminating and fun. (Just don’t play any Solitaire after.)


Finally, today the Hyperion Institute proudly brings back INTERNATIONAL________DAY. Most of you recall we did this through April with great success. Every week I will be posting the holidays and I expect you to celebrate every single one of them! It’d also be nice if you left comments, as the contributors have all worked very hard.

Returning from April are Tracy Lynn (who challenges each and every one of you to a pie-throwing contest), Schrödinger’s Kitten (who claims to have been on Oceanic Flight 815) and Fitèna, who can speak more languages than you can. All of them are insane but have come up with winners.

New to the fold are the Rake (the self-proclaimed “coolest guy in any room that doesn’t include Samuel L. Jackson or a ninja turtle), Hyperion Council member Laureate (who considers himself way above us but agreed to slum it for a month), Lost Goddess (who is more than willing to let you worship her) and Kapgar, who promises to flirt like a drunken sorority girl with anyone who leaves him a comment.

Also knew to International Day are Monkey Barners Koz (who never met a drunken sorority girl he didn’t like) and Lady Jane Scarlett, who has the honor of the very first day, International Be Ferris Bueller Day. You will want to go check that out as soon as possible, and always remember: I am the Sausage King of Chicago.

(Okay, that sounded way too gay, so I’m going to quit by reminding you again to come back tomorrow and bring friends, enemies and frenemies, and also to brag that I put a Simpson song on my blog.)


kapgar said...

Dammit! They were supposed to discover my flirtatiousness on their own!

Tracy Lynn said...


Fatma said...

lol! Am trying to keep my weight under control here! lol!
Wish y'all great days to come!