Last of the Breed

It's June 28 my friends, known the world over as International Be Yourself Day. I'm in favor of this, but some of you aren't very good people, so keep it away from me.

I am feeling much better, not fully healed, but good enough to give you a smorgasboard of new stuff. I thought I'd try something new and I read poetry for an Audio post, but Kaida convinced me my recitation was like a dead otter, so that got scuttled. However, in the Alligator pit I discuss breast exams on 90210 and Dennys, while Monkey Barn has a very special puzzle for you to solve.


Deep Thought of the day. (This is something new I'm trying, to bring in the long-hairs.) The word Nostalgia is made up of two words: nostos, meaning home, and algos, meaning pain. That right there is profound enough that I don't think I need to pontificate here, but rather you just sit there for a moment and let that sink in.


I have decided that Wednesday will be literary day, where I put short reviews of books I read the previous week, books I recommend but don't feel writing a big in-depth review. I read 6 books the previous seven days, but only got two quick reviews done (as I just thought of it this morning), and then one of the reviews was so interesting I decided to expand it, so I guess I only have one quick review for you, but still: check out my Quick Take of Last of the Breed.


I realized that I've neglected my countdown of the best years of the '90s (for movies), so I jumped back in the saddle to do #3, 1994. '94 was such a good year I couldn't contain my list just to 10 best, so I upped it to 15. Here is part one of the Best Movies of 1994.

See you tomorrow, where I just might have a brand new site in Hyperion's ever expanding universe.


Unknown said...

I never said you sound like a dead otter. I said you sound like a dying cat.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, what is with the popups on your site? Everytime I click in there is some stupid popup. Yours is the only site that does it. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH.