Roan Inish, the Count and Monkey Kitties

Today is June 07, which Koz tells me is International "The Count" from Sesame Street Day. You know you gots to be a part of that!


I was watching HGTV with my mother (spending some quality time), and I asked her what her five favorite shows were. To me they are all the same, but that's probably true of any area where you don't have a lot of knowledge. (I mean, to her, all basketball games are the same.) Anyway, she shot about it and came up with her favorite ones.


For several weeks now I've been meaning to add a new Evil Kitty of the realm, another S.K.I.T.T.L.E. to the list, but schedules not working out, blah blah blah. Well, I'm just going to do it.

Egan was one of my charter members of the International_____Day, and I have come to appreciate his thought-provoking website, The Life of Monkey Boy. It's insightful, personal, funny, whimsical, tender-hearted and several other Care Bears I'm sure I missed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very first male Evil Kitty of the realm: Egan. Code name: Chaton.


I swear I'm going to catch up eventually. The Family Movie Project moves on, and I finally have May's selection ready to read. Unlike yesterday's review, this is real crowd-pleaser, one everyone should love. Here, I'll get you going:

In 2002 I was writing an uber-column full of recommended movies for the Thanksgiving weekend. In the “family” category I proudly brought out THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH, having this to say:

Bar none, the best film you’ve never heard of, and almost certainly never seen. Best yet, I don’t care if your home is invaded by a bunch of Amish, this one will please everybody. Based on an Irish myth, the film takes place on an island off the coast of Ireland, where the people still speak the Old Tongue, and remember the old ways. It’s pointless to try to explain the plot, as any really great movie is. Suffice it to say the acting is great, and the plot clean and family oriented while never being dull. This is a film you might think you’ll hate, but you won’t be able to. I fully expect large checks sent to me based on how right I am.

For years I’ve tried to get anyone I could to see the film. ROAN INISH is the only film I will flat out recommend to anyone. In fact, I would say it’s virtually impossible to hate.

For more, see: MovieHype00667 - THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH

[PS: you definitely want to check out Monkey Barn today. We salute a royal birthday, as well as try to guess which contributor moonlights as a pin-up doll.]

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