Welcome to June 2, which Kapgar informs me is better known as International Banana in the Tailpipe Day.

Saturday Tracy Lynn gets into the act with International Styrofoam Day,

and Sunday Fitรจna reminds us what’s important with International Disconnect Day. Please take a few minutes out of your day to visit the site and see what these talented people have in store for you, and leave them a comment on what you thought.


Today is very serious for me. I’m calling it Sexual Violence Awareness Day. I know some of you would wonder why I want to do that, but I’d counter by asking why you wouldn’t.

I don’t do this very often, but once a year (if not more) I’m committed to bringing this subject up, for new readers, to remind old ones, to just give each of us a kick in the ass out of our complacency; even me.

Column #300 (The Wall) represents the first real attempt I made to talk about the subject. It’s a fictional story, and probably the best column I ever wrote. Feel free to take a look if you’re so inclined.

But what I really care about is #352 (Both Barrels). It may not be as high a quality as I wanted, but it was a long time within me, burning like ichor to get to the surface, and I’m happy I finally got it out. When I sent #352 out last year it generated the most mail in years. Many were strong supporters, but also there were many many people upset by the approach I took, who felt I used inappropriate language, who felt I was writing more for “shock value” than to actually help, and some who felt I was blaming them.

I’m sensitive to that and don’t want to come off all soap-boxy on the subject, yet—and please heed me here, people—I would willingly lose every reader I have forever if they would read this column before they go.

If you read nothing else—ever—on my site, please take the time today to read today.

#300 The Wall

#352 Both Barrels


And just to show we’re not too heavy-handed here at the Institute, and that I still have a wicked sense of humor, today’s Ranking contains a list of unbearably cute things,

Monkey Barn features an attempt to name the latest Hollywood Power Couple,

and on my blog I opine about the Spelling Bee.

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