Tasty Joy

Today is June 13, which Fitèna has sweetly named International Reminisce your first Joy Day. She wants you to share the very first joy you can remember. (If you're from New England, just make one up.)

Imporant Note #1: There was supposed to be a killer Audio Post today on women, but Audioblogger has decided to be tempermental and not produce (kind of like a certain fair sex we all know). Instead, I check out Movie-Hype. I redesigned the home page lay out a bit. Tell me if you like it or not.

Important Note #2 (reallllllly important this time, hence the BOLD): If you are interested in being a part of the Five Kingdoms (look over to your left), you have until Thursday at Midnight to respond. Go take a look to see if it's something for you, and feel free to show your friends.

Elessar sends us a list of his favorite tastes. He guarantees you will agree with each and every one of them.

On Monkey Barn, you can get drunk, worship Chinese women, or live up to Dominiques impossible standards of man-hood (just don't whistle if you see any of the ladies). And on my blog, you can help create a name or just see how pathetic I really am.

Important Note #3: Next Friday (or as Southerners would say, Friday Week), I will be hosting the Carnival of the Mundane. I don't want to come out and say it will be the best Carnival ever, putting all the others to shame but I do want you to think it. If you have entered Carnivals in the past, you want to put your best forward this time, as there is a prize for the best one. And if you have never entered before, you'll want to start. More details in a couple of days, but for now, see the Carnival of the Mundane Home Page. And see you tomorrow.


Tracy Lynn said...

I dare you to come over here and make cracks like that , clever trousers.

Skittles said...

You know he would - he likes the slapping.

Skittles said...

And how are my standards impossible??

Hyperion said...

Tracy Lynn - I'm not scared of you. Since you're a girl I can't hit you, but I'll chocolate and we'll see who wins this war.

Dominique - I'd answer you more fully, but I have to go fight some Indians while quoting Shakespeare.

Fatma said...

What was that about living in New England? lol! Whatvere, it made me laugh!

My eyes, or are the texts in a very pale colour on Movie Hype?

Can't wait for the COM!