Those Wacky Nazis

What a weekend! First there was the Carnival, and then a garage sale, and then yesterday I was violently ill. I think I'm working too hard and just crash on the weekends (either that or Tiff tried to poison me).

I'm rather disappointed with the lack of comments on International Day. First you completely ignored my dad on Friday. Then no one sent me any naked pictures on Sunday! What's wrong with you people! I expect a little more fun today, which is International Those Wacky Nazis Day. (And if you want to make up for your poor showing last week, visit the home page.)


Monkey Barn has a great post on Superman, and in the Alligator Pit I explain my theory on dusting. Not to be missed.


I have dozens of movie reviews on backlog, so I grudgingly am taking a page from Kapgar's book and making some of the reviews short (only some of them, mind you). I guess I can explain some of the movies without talking about them. THE RANCH is one of those movies. (I just wish I hadn't seen it.)


Speaking of Movies that make you want to die, how about the Most Profound Movie Deaths of All Time?


Three things I thought of over the weekend:

1) At this point last year, who of us would have guessed that of the Dawson's alumni, Michelle Williams would be an Oscar Nominee and Katie Holmes would be the joke?

2) I was watching TV when I saw an advertisement for LITTLE MAN. I was barely paying attention when I heard "From the producers of WHITE CHICKS." I turned to my youngest sister and said, "Now there's an expression I never EVER thought I'd hear." (My oldest sister had a positive spin: "At least we've come far enough that black people can make bad movie after bad movie, like Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler, and still keep getting paid.")

3) Is there a bigger bunch of babies in the universe than World Cup Soccer players? (And is there a dirtier team than Portugal?)

See you tomorrow, where I may (may, I say) have exciting news.


Ingleburt said...

Take care of your health. Then all will fall into place. A father's house is best in times of trial.

Live on, free soul.

tiff said...

yeah, what ingleburt said, mostly because I don't understand it.

Oh, I wouldn't POISON you....that's far too obvious!

Hope you're feeling better.