Vicious Jack

June 29 : International Pirates for Picard Day. The point of the day, according to Lady Jane Scarlett, is to determine who's greater: Captain Kirk or Picard. However, LJS doesn't think it will be too much of a battle, as she confided to me that all the Kirk fans are too cowardly to leave a comment supporting their boy.

Monkey Barn has another Decodaquote, as well as a poignant question about what kind of body part you'd prefer. Over in the Alligator Pit, I talk about my harrowing journey to blockbuster, where I had to put up with a Blockbarista who watched movies such as FAILURE TO LAUNCH.

Deep Thought of the Day: "At the end, no one is ever going to thank you for not living your life." - Alicia Paulson (via Patience Rayn's Decodaquote)

It is time to introduce a new feature here at the Hyperion Institute. Literary Hype and HyperionX have come together to bring you HYPERION AFTER DARK.

The purpose of Hyperion After Dark is two-fold. First, there's the entertainment. The stories told on Hyperion After Dark are a little too scary, a little too sexy, a little too adult for Literary Hype. Don't get me wrong; this isn't porn or anything, but just adult storytelling. There will possibly be some erotica, and since my mom is reading I need to stress that you're only allowed to read the erotica to your spouse if you're married (or to your fiance if you're Episcopal).

The second purpose of Hyperion After Dark is that I'm moving into Commissioned works. You know you always hear about great artists of the past, and how they had a patron who sponsored them? Well, I'm a great artist, dammit, and it's time I started getting sponsored. I'm still going to write my regular schedule for the website, but also I'm opening it up. If you would like to sponsor me, this site, and this movement, I would love to write a story for you. The story can be about anything you want, but the way I figure it; most people will want some bang for their buck, and thus we have Hyperion After Dark.

Our first commission comes from a reader who wanted a story about Viciousness. This works out well, since I had planned to take an extended look at cruelty in the coming weeks (for reasons that may surprise you). However, actualy writing a "cruel" story is not something I was overly familiar with, so I turned to the best storyteller I know: Carnivus Kickassius. Luckily Carny had a story that just fit the bill perfectly. He sent it to me and I put it up on Hyperion After Dark. I'm giving you the first two paragraphs to get you going, and then I encourage you to check it out. I promise the website won't bit. Well, actually I don't promise that. Take your chances anyway.

When Hyperion asked me to write about viciousness it reminded me first of Shan Yu. He was a tribal leader, years ago in Asia, now forgotten by history accept on a TV show here or there. Shan Yu said: “Live with a man forty years. Share his house, his meals, and speak on every subject. Then tie him up and hold him over the volcano’s edge, and on that day you will finally meet the man.”

I knew Shan Yu. He was a sadistic bastard, but there was a poetry to his madness. He wore cruelty like a velvet robe; wrapped himself in it. I thought about telling the tale of how I came to know Shan Yu. It would certainly fit. But then Hyperion told me a little about the person who wanted this story written, and it reminded me of a young lad I met a few years ago. His story was interesting too, and I give it to you, as he did to me, in his own words.

For more, please see Hyperion after dark to read the tale Vicious Jack.

Up tomorrow: back to our look at 1994, plus another Monkey Barn group project and several other things so cool I don't want to tell you yet. See you then.

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