Who's up for some Trolling?

Today is June 09, which The Rake calls International Shun Deodorant Day. Saturday June 10 Lost Goddess has declared International Just Do It Day and Sunday June 11 is the much talked about Kapgar special: International Pickle Hurling Day. Make sure you visit the site to see how you can make the weekend one big long holiday.


Today is also another Carnival of the Mundane, which I hope you visit if you get the time. Lots of good entries. My entry is from last year, a trip I took to the Mall. Good times. Great Rants. (And if you read it last year, now there are pictures!)


My review of DOMINO. I won't claim it's a great movie (Keira Knightley naked), but the review is only one sentence long. Like you can't spare the time.

(Of course, if you want a short review of an actual good movie you can rent this weekend, check out DIRTY PRETTY THINGS)


I hadn't heard from our good friend Carnivus for awhile, but he dropped me a line yesterday. Turns out he took a break from hunting Nazis and Cryptozoology to attend the World Cup. He had some alarming news about racism in Germany, but more on that another time.

Carny indicated that he will be sending me some stories in the near future, which I think we can all look forward to.

In the meantime, for those of you not familiar, or even those who are, I think it's a good day to acquaint yourself with one awesome dude.

Carnivus Kickassius has been my friend for some time. His council is always wise, and his friendship enduring. (Heck, the official name of the Hyperion Institute bears him homage: The Hyperion Institute for Callimastian/Callipygian/Kickassian Studies.)

Carny's tales are wild and sometimes hard to believe, but when you get to know him, they make perfect sense.

In the past he has regaled us with such adventures as:

  • A Wedding Planner in a very strange place
  • Some creepy Campfire Stories
  • A Princess, a horse and a Monster
  • An unusual postscript to a war (This last tale inspired me to create The Five Kingdoms.)
  • A scary Lion Hunt
  • Life as a Pirate

I encourage you to take some time this weekend and check out Carny's tales. Please Please please don't be like all those prejudiced bigots out there and let the fact that Carnivus is a troll deter you.

[Oh, and lots and lots on Monkey Barn and the Blog, including a Voltron Rap and a window into my soul. See you Monday.]


kapgar said...

"much talked about"? By who?

Tracy Lynn said...

OMG I missed the Carnival! For the first time since it started.

I feel so ashamed.