July 17 is International Sing in the Store Day. Get Cracking.


I redesigned the template on Hyperion Chronicles. Hopefully it's easier to navigate now. Take a look and tell me what you think. (Yes, I realize there's a lot of wasted space, but I'm hoping to figure that out somehow.)


As I told you last Friday, I am trying to go 100 hours without speaking. I have been chronicling my efforts in the Alligator Pit.

And in Monkey Barn, everything from crazy pictures to the man David Hasselhoff.


Speaking of Monkey Barn, last Thursday the Monkey Barners started telling another Campfire Story, except this time the rules were you only had five minutes to write each chapter. The result has been frenetic. I was going to close it off this morning but illness would keep me from doing a good job, so I've thrown it open for ANYTHING who wants to write a chapter: as long as you follow the rules: only five minutes to write, and no editing. (If you want to give it a go, send in a chapter. I'll post it anonymously.)

If you'd like to see how the story looks so far, I've collected all the chapters together over on LiteraryHype. Go see A Boy Called Tigger.


I've been missing Grendel, who's in Korea teaching Martial Arts, so when I came upon a movie bearing her name, I just had to watch.....

I read Beowulf as a kid but was probably not old enough to understand. Medieval literature has never held a fascination for me, because there seems to be little inner conflict. I understand that the medium was different then, but the bad guys rarely have focus and the good guys rarely have doubts. (It is because of his attempts to write medieval literature that I never was into LOTR as much as others were. Gollum seemed to be the only character in the whole book who really struggles with the weight of his actions.)

However, my friend Grendel (no relation, I think..) is a huge Beowulf fan, and listening to her talk enthusiastically about the story made me wonder if I'’d missed out, so when the opportunity to review BEOWULF AND GRENDEL came along, I took it.

The movie starts off with a kid witnessing his father being killed; knocked off a cliff. "Ah!"” I thought. "“This is why Beowulf becomes a mighty warrior." ” Then the kid goes down to the bottom of the cliff and cuts off his dad'’s head and hugs it. That seemed...odd, but I'’ve learned to expect anything from Scandinavians.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought it strange that Beowulf was the first book I was assigned to read in the 9th grade, new school, new home, new everything, but I don't remember one single word of the story. strange.