It's insulting to know you

Today is the last holiday for at least a month, so I want you to enjoy it while you can. It's International Insult Day. Today only you're allowed to insult anyone you want. (For rules or to leave your best insult, click on the link.)


If I'd managed to see SUPERMAN RETURNS when it first came out I might have done a 2000 word article, not only reviwing the film but talking about Superman as the man, the myth, the mania.

However, I didn't get to see the film until last week, so you'll have to make do with a relatively short bare-bones review (that still gets the job done).


And in our feature presentation, We finally get to the number one year of the '90s, 1993. Not content to do a top ten list, or even a top twenty, I present to you a top thirty list.

We begin with #30 -21 (there may a surprise or two)

See you tomorrow

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